Picasso’s To Enter a Busy Busy East Wichita Market

A New Picasso’s Pizzeria Location

Many foodie fans have heard that Picasso’s Pizzeria is planning on opening an east side location at 5900 E Central which is near Central and Woodlawn. I tried to get an opening time frame from them today and was told Spring of 2016. Knowing how many restaurant openings work that could actually end up being the Summer of 2016.

How will do they? It’s hard telling. I wrote back in April of 2012 on my original review of Picasso’s that it was one of my favorite pizza places in town. So far it’s stood the test of time. They did have an ill-fated Derby location in 2014 that closed after six months after realizing there wasn’t enough customer demand there.


One thing I know is Picasso’s Pizza is fantastic. What I don’t know is how pizza fans in Wichita will react to another pizza option in a loaded area of town for delicious pies.

I looked it up and in a 3.5 mile radius ranging from Rock to Hillside between Douglas and Central there are the following pizza locations:

Wichita Brewing Company – 535 Woodlawn Street
Knolla’s Pizza – 7732 East Central
Il Vicino – 4817 East Douglas
– Ziggy’s Pizza – 3700 East Douglas Avenue
Domino’s Pizza – 327 North Hillside
Little Caesars – 6410 E Central
Papa Murphy’s – 4813 East Central
Pizza Hut – 8139 East Central
Pizza Hut – 410 North Hillside
Papa John’s – 5231 East Central

…..and thanks to a reader, how could I forget about Angelo’s which is scheduled to open at 5231 E. Central sometime soon.

Not including the upcoming Picasso’s, there are 10-11 other pizza places just 3.5 miles of each other. Granted about half of them are “fast food pizzas”, they said the Little Caesar’s in Derby put a dent in the Derby Picasso’s profits. While Picasso’s is also a different style of pizza than the others, it’ll have to really step up it’s game in terms of customer service to compete with other local favorites like WBC and Ziggy’s and Il Vicino.

Even with that said, I’m hoping for the best for Picasso’s. I’m a huge fan and occasionally will make the long drive out to Delano to get some carryout pizza. I just love “The Kitchen Sink”; it’s always my go to.

 Here’s to Spring…..or Summer of 2016 and yet another pizza option for the east siders of Wichita.

Happy Dining

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  1. I have helped open Meddys and wiould love to come help out this pizza art 😉 I've got great customer service and will follow closely in you opening/hiring status! Excited to see this happen so close!

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