Asian Bistro Review

Asian Bistro

My venture of trying a new restaurant every week for four months continued with Asian Bistro last week.

Asian Bistro is located at 1520 S Webb Road. It’s a restaurant I’ve driven by so many times and never made it out to but put it on my list of 16 new restaurants to try on my personal food tour of Wichita.

Glancing through the menu, it was your very typical Vietnamese menu filled with Pho, spring rolls, Bun, Banh Mi, among other Vietnamese classics all at very affordable prices. For example, the Banh Mi was around $3.75 while the bowls of Pho were $7-8.

For my trip to Asian Bistro, I kept it simple and kept it prototypical of myself. I went with the Pho……I know, no surprise right?

While there, I would say three-quarters of the tables were fill so for my food to arrive so quickly left me impressed. Service was great as well with my drink order consistently being filled.

Now the Pho…….

The broth was fantastic. Before adding in the Hoisin Sauce and Sriracha, I always gulp down a bunch of the broth and was extremely pleased with the offering; it was warm, seasoned well, and flavorful. The amount of meat included in the broth was plentiful as was the amount of noodles included in the Pho.

Overall it was a winner of a meal and one of the best Pho’s I’ve had south of Kellogg. Admittedly the number of restaurants serving I’ve been to south of Kellogg have been far and few between, this stood out as one of my favorites.

Definitely worthy of a drive to South Webb if you’re in the area for some good Pho.

Happy Dining,

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