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It’s one of the most widely consumed beverages worldwide as well as in our great country. On a personal level, I’m not much of a coffee drinker. On a yearly basis, I may drink coffee twelve times a year. I save those moments for when I’m on 2-3 hours of sleep for consecutive days such as recently when I feverishly binged Netflix’ Making a Murderer in two days while fitting in full days of work, a family birthday dinner and a Shocker game in between.

It’s fair to say I’m a novice when it comes to coffee. I’ve been to Starbucks a couple times and feel so overwhelmed when trying to order.

Fortunately there’s a local coffee shop in town that can be there to give me an assist.

Reverie Coffee Roasters located at 2611 E Douglas Avenue.

They are a locally owned coffee shop that has been open since 2013. After finding out about them and discussing it with friends and co-workers, they have quite the following. I was informed that they have decided to start offering Cupping Classes. The Cupping Classes are one to one and a half hour classes that teach you the basics of coffee and what to look for. The classes “cost” $5. I use quotation marks because the money used to pay for the class is returned to you in $5 store credit to use there. It’s essentially free.

I was invited to one of their first Cupping Classes that took place this past weekend. I was excited as trying new things are always little adventures to me. For the class, a few friends who are much more avid coffee drinkers joined me.

When we arrived at Reverie Coffee Roasters, it certainly had a cozy appeal to it. None of us had ever been to Reverie before so it was all a great first impression to us.

Class Setup

As for the Cupping Class, I don’t want to give everything away since it’s actually a pretty cool experience and something different to do in Wichita.

To give a very basic overview, we learned about how coffee is chosen, judged and rated based on such criteria as fragrance and aroma, flavor and body.

We were given six different coffees to roast, smell, and taste and then took notes on each of those coffees based on certain characteristics.

Afterwards, we shared those notes with the rest of the class which is relatively small. The class sizes are limited to 10 people.

The owner, Andrew Gough, and one of his employees Tom, walked us through the class and explained so much about what they do, why they do it and how they do it. It was a fun learning environment about something I think every one of my co-workers drink throughout the day.

I asked one of my friends their thoughts on it and he told me, he really liked it. He ended up walking away with more knowledge than he had before and will put it to use in the future when having coffee. To top it off, he found a new coffee he really liked.

It was also noted that the class helped break a barrier of walking into a new place like that. Let’s face it, sometimes people are intimidated on checking out a new coffee house, restaurant, bar, etc. One of my friends never went because he felt intimidated by those places but now will have no problem at all.

Everybody in Wichita is always looking for something new, different and fresh to try in town for fun. Reverie Coffee Roaster’s has the cure for that. If you go to their Facebook page, they have all sorts of events besides Cupping Classes that could peak your interest. They have food trucks visits, board game nights, art events, and more. All those events are listed on their Facebook.

I’m certainly going to have to go back again soon to try what else they have to offer including some delicious looking pastries I saw.

For more on Reverie Coffee Roasters, check out this podcast my friend did with their owner, Andrew Gough:

Happy Dining!


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