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One random trip to the Waterwalk’s Food Trucks at the Fountains event turned into a couple wonderful experiences.

Chino’s Parilla

Last summer one of my buddies and I went to the event to try some new food trucks we had not ever had before. One of the food trucks caught our eye so we anxiously waited in line and placed an order for some street tacos.

That particular food truck was Chino’s Parrilla. Their tagline is “We Grill While You Chill”.

It was ran by a fully staffed family who were literally one of the quickest food trucks that day to take your order and get the food out.

Just a few bites into those tacos and we were hooked on them. My buddy was actually getting married later that year and was thinking that having them cater his wedding would be something unique and fun to have on his big day. He asked for their business card and told me his plans. As the Ordained Minister for his wedding (Yes, I’m a successful retired Ordained Minister. I’ll soon have a sister blog up called, I gave him my blessing for his idea.

Fast forward to October, Chino’s Parrilla catered my friend’s wedding and everything was beyond successful. The food was cooked on site and literally everybody commented on how good the food was. Now let’s think about that for a second. For all the weddings you’ve been to, most people don’t remember how good the food was. It’s usually one of the least memorable things from a wedding reception. At my buddy’s wedding, people still talk about how good the food was.

From the Food Truck Day

There was so much leftover food, I vividly remember going back for three plates. I am pretty sure a couple kids came up to me and asked why I was eating so much. My response? “I’m doing the work of the Lord.”

Hearing back from my friends who got married that day. They told me Chino’s Parrilla really did care about what they wanted and how they wanted it done. The food was completely left open to their needs. The groom works in the food industry and said it all tasted way better than most wedding caters he’s had or dealt with in the past. The staff was very helpful throughout the whole process all the way to the wedding day. Besides the food, the service stuck out. They even served the wedding party their food and drink which he’s rarely seen from other caterers. He ended it with “The pork was damn good.”

Let’s fast forward again to just a couple months ago. I made a suggestion to have Chino’s Parrilla cater a work event. I am always a little worried when making a suggestion for big events because if it doesn’t come off well, the blame could possibly fall back on me for making a bad suggestion.

Chino’s Parrilla did not let me down. The feedback I received from the event organizer was nothing but positive.

I have spoken with some of the staff and they are nothing but classy and professional people.

If you’re looking to have food catered in for your next big event, avoid the generic basics like the Abuelo’s or On the Border. Go with the personalized service of a local establishment in Wichita that knows the customer.

For more on Chino’s Parrilla, check out their website here.

You can also Like them on Facebook at their page.

If you use them, tell them Wichita By E.B. sent you.

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