Coming Soon: Yokohama Ramen Joint

Coming this April to Wichita is our city’s first ramen restaurant!

Call me ecstatic as I’m literally holding my breathe until Yokohama Ramen Joint opens up this April in the Delano District at 613 W Douglas. If it’s as delicious as the other restaurants in Delano, this place will be sure to excite!

For those of you who lived off of ramen in college like myself……….and Spaghettio’s, this is going to be a major upgrade from that. Yokohama Ramen Joint will serve high quality ramen noodles in either a meat or vegetable broth and your choice of different additions from meats and vegetables. No Spaghettio’s though. Fear not though, they will also be serving their delicious cream puffs from Beard Papa’s (located inside Towne East). My niece, for one, is in love with their cream puffs so she will likely be wanting to join me when Yokohama opens up.

While in Chicago last year, I stopped by a Ramen restaurant and it was by far my favorite meal experience of all the restaurants I went to so I can’t wait for the offering from Yokohama.

These type of restaurants are often described as Ramen on steroids. Except I’m sure you’ll pass a drug test after trying a meal here. So if Peyton Manning or Lance Armstrong are reading this, come on down to Wichita this April for some ramen!

I’ve been speaking with the owner and he sent me this picture to share with all of you. As of today, Yokohama Ramen Joint has put their sign up!

To stay up to date on this restaurant, follow their Facebook page for updates and a chance to attend their private party before their grand opening: Yokohama Ramen Joint Facebook Page.

You can’t count me in on this new exciting venture coming to the ICT.

Happy Dining!

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