Gorditas Durango Review

Gorditas Durango

Trying out a new restaurant once a week for 16 weeks brings me to my fifth excursion. This adventure took me to 527 W 13th St N right across from North High School and down the street from one of the oldest locally owned used appliance stores in Jot Em Down.

I’m referring to Gorditas Durango.

They are a Mexican & American Grill. Their main specialty is authentic Mexican flair from tacos, menudo, burritos, tostadas and of course their namesake, Gorditas.

With Jacks North Hi-Carryout closed next door, they also carry some American foods like burgers, nuggets, fries, pancakes and even a breakfast platter which includes eggs and bacon.

Now I’m not the smartest guy in the world but I’d venture to say that most people who visit Gorditas Durango on their first time will likely order something from the Mexican side of the menu.

The back wall of their tiny restaurant which holds 7 four tops displays the menu which houses many common items you’ll find at any Mexican restaurant:

For my visit, I had to go with their namesake: Gorditas which is a Mexican cuisine made with masa stuffed with cheese, meat or other fillings.

I decided to go with three Gorditas: a Gorditas Durango (a fried version of the Gordita) and two flour Gorditas all filled with either barbacoa, asada or pastor. The Gorditas were $2.49 for the fried versions or $2.25 if you wanted a corn or flour Gordita. My co-worker went with one steak and one pastor Gordita.

There was a long line just to order food, most of which was from the North High School students. Every table was taken when I arrived but one opened up as I ordered…….lucky me. I could have used that luck on Powerball a couple weeks ago.

For as busy as the place was, the food came out very quick. It also came out with a good size bowl of hot sauce.


I tried the flour Gorditas first and they were excellent. The masa which held everything together was grilled just right and held everything together; at no point did it fall apart. Each of the meat options inside were flavored well, not overly greasy and  the chiles and limes gave it a nice blend of flavors mixed in with the hot salsa.

The Gorditas Durango which was the fried version was a bit greasier than the flour versions and had a much nicer crunch to it if you’re into that. Just eating it required about six or seven napkins to finish it with dry hands.

My coworker thought the steak was a little dry but adding in the salsa made it better and the pork was a bit greasy to him but added in that good fatty flavor some people really like.

At about four inches in circumference, my coworker said that two was enough to fill him up surprisingly. Three was enough to put me to sleep.

Altogether a very worthwhile experience. Both of us give Gorditas Durango a thumbs up for some great authentic Mexican Gorditas at a great cost.

Check it out if you’re in that area of town. They are open Monday – Sunday from 6 am – 3 pm.

Happy Dining!


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