My Tho Review: One of the Best in Town

My Tho

If it’s one thing I love doing besides trying new restaurants, it’s introducing people to new restaurants. A couple co-workers of mine have been on this Pho kick with one of them having tried it for his first time not too long ago. While they might not be the most adventurous eaters, my goal was to get them to expand their taste and branch out to items they may have never had before.

We put it on the calendar to go out and try some different Pho. They put me in charge of choosing a place so I chose a restaurant I haven’t made out to in some time and never written a full review on.

So we headed to My Tho. (Pronounced Mee Tah……. Did you know in the Vietnamese language the T is pronounced with a Th sound while the Th is pronounced with a hard T sound.)

My Tho is located at 500 E Central at the Northeast corner of Central and Emporia. They are open on Mondays 10:30 am – 9 pm, closed on Tuesday and Wednesday and back open on Thursday thru Sunday from 10:30 am – 9 pm.

If you ever go there on a Saturday or Sunday morning, it’s funny because you’ll see a bunch of people sitting at a table hungover hoping that Pho will be the magic cure for them.

The menu at My Tho (pictures posted at the end of this blog) consists primarily of Vietnamese soups from Pho, Beef Stews, Pork Noodle Soup and Dry Noodles with Soup on the side. They also have Banh Mi and sides of Banh Mi khong and Banh mi bo (essentially a french bacquette) on their menu.

On our visit to My Tho, I went with the Combination Pho which included steak, brisket, tendon and meat balls while my colleagues went with the Pho with brisket and tendon and the Pho with steak and brisket. We also ordered a plain loaf of the French bacquette for them to dip the bread in the broth as well as a Banh Mi as they have never had one before.

Food delivery and service was quick. It took no time for them to have our Pho and Banh Mi at our table. Plus at the same time, our drinks were constantly full. A+ all around in that aspect.

My Tho

The Pho according to my colleagues was as good as advertised if not better. For them it was the best Pho they have ever had. They loved the portion size and quality of the meat and the broth. One person described it as “rich flavored broth, very good and hearty servings.” I kept telling them that the broth really makes the Pho and My Tho really got through to them. I was told the French bacquette we ordered was very soft and flavorful as well as crisp on the outside. It was a great addition to dip in the Pho.

Banh Mi

As for my thoughts, I have been very open in previous blogs about my opinions of My Tho. I just love it. Their broth is so delicious. Do you remember that moment you turned 21 and took your first drink at a legal age and loving every second of it? That’s how I feel each time I slurp up a spoonful of My Tho broth when it’s brought out to me. I tell everybody it truly is one of the best in town.

As for the Banh Mi. You’ll have to remember this was the first time experiencing a Banh Mi for a couple of people at the table.

The Banh Mi is limited to just one option at My Tho. It’s filled with BBQ pork and vegetables. The one thing I love about the vegetables in their Banh Mi’s is that is has that pickled type of taste. It’s really nice and fresh as agreed upon by my coworkers. The BBQ pork is tender and packed with a ton of flavor. Of course the bread really helps it and completes the whole meal.

All in all, My Tho was a real winner with everybody in our group.

A regular bowl of Pho is $6.25 and an X-Large bowl is $7.25 so it’s comparable or better than most places in town. So on top of great service, delicious food, the price is top notch.

I’ll go ahead and repeat myself by saying My Tho is one of the best in town. There’s a reason it’s a favorite by so many people in Wichita. If you go, you will not be disappointed…………unless you don’t have any cash on you because My Tho accepts cash only.

Happy Dining!


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