Tacos Porfias Review

Tacos Porfias

It’s no secret that North Broadway is filled with so many great cultural gems. You could literally plan a food month starting at Kellogg and Broadway and work your way up north trying a new restaurant every day for 30 days.

Here is one restaurant some of you may have never heard of that I finally had a chance to try last week while doing my “One New Restaurant Once a Week for 4 Months Adventure.” It’s called Tacos Porfias.

Tacos Porfias is located at 2247 N Broadway. As given by their name, Tacos Porfias specializes in tacos but has many other Mexican staples such as gorditas, tortas, flautas, menudos and other platters.


The inside of Tacos Porfias is very small; there’s enough seating for under thirty people.

What was fun about this experience was watching the interaction with staff which was all family and the patrons. It had a real family feel to it with the staff knowing nearly everybody that walked in the doors…….well besides me.

For my lunch, I ordered a simple street taco platter with three tacos, beans and rice along with an Asada Gordita. Once you order, two bottles of salsa are brought to your table. The salsa is strictly for the food as they do not serve free chips with your meal.

The two salsa options are a mild lime green option and a hot red option. The mild salsa has a strong lime flavor to it. It has a nice refreshing flavor to it. Meanwhile, the hot red salsa was just as advertised by my server……very hot but the good type of hot. This salsa required for me to drink water. The only bad part was the only water option available was by the bottle which started to add up pretty quickly.

Next up was lunch. The meal scored an A+ on appearance alone.

The Gordita was simply amazing. The Asada was tender, seasoned well, and just overall delicious. It was the best $2 spent, I wish I had ordered another one.

The Taco Platter was just as good. It was your basic no frills street tacos with lettuce, onions and the meat filling of your choice. I tried the Carne Asada, Al Pastor and Barbacoa with all being equally fantastic.

For my brief stop at Tacos Porfias, it was a quick in out and lunch before heading back to work. The food was excellent, the service was quick and polite, the price was just right.

Tacos Porfias came out as a winner in my opinion; great little hidden gem on north Broadway.

…..not just a hidden gem but a hidden gem that accepts cash AND card.

Happy Dining,

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1 thought on “Tacos Porfias Review”

  1. I love this restaurant, I remember when it was Taco Loco’s. This is some serious good eats for not much money. The only downside is that if you are wanting to sit down, better not go during lunch time. Yet many people know this and get their food to go. Either way you can’t go wrong, their food is amazing!

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