Wichita Room Escape

Wichita Room Escape

Lock up to eight people in one room. Present them with a numerous amount of puzzles and brain teasers to figure out to escape a locked room.

That is Wichita Room Escape which is located at 3700 E Douglas in Clifton Square right next door to Dempsey’s Burger Pub.
There are plenty of these type of venues in other cities across the United States and one finally arrived in Wichita a few months ago.
My friends and I went to experience this craze to see how much fun it was and whether we were all smart as we thought we were.
The cost to play is $20 per person plus tax. You can book online at their website. Reservations must be made in advance and it’s something you’ll want to do. They have been plenty busy since they opened. Times are limited as they are only open on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Once reservations are made, be sure to show up about 10-15 minutes early to give yourself enough time to get the game instructions from the operators. They run on a schedule so it’s nice to be courteous and not be late.  If you are late, you will not get the full time to play the game.
Rooms take up to eight people so if you book for five people, there is the outside chance of three random people joining your group. For our trip, we filled the room with 8 friends we all knew. So if there were any arguments or insults while in the locked room, we knew we would still be able to walk away as friends……..at least that’s the thought.

There are currently two different rooms to choose from. The Studio and The Company. Soon they will be opening up a third room.

So once you’re inside the room what happens? That I won’t go into, it would take all the fun and surprise out of the experience. I will note that you have one hour to figure everything out. If needed you can leave the locked room for an emergency or a bathroom break (not recommended, use every second you can). And while locked inside the room, you’re allowed three clues at any time you would like.

Wall of Fame

From there it’s an all out blitz to figure everything out. It’ll be the quickest hour of your life as you scramble to determine everything and what to do.

When you check in there’s a wall where people write their names and the amount of time it took them to escape the room. Unfortunately for us, we were locked inside for the full hour and didn’t make it out in the allotted 60 minutes.

Once the time is up, the operator comes in the room and will ask if you want to find out all the secrets you didn’t figure out. At that point, it’s a collective “Duh” followed by an “Ahhhhh” followed by a “Geez I’m so stupid.”

We were comforted to know that the success rate in each room is around 20%.

The final verdict. Was this fun or not?

Extremely. It’s sooooooooo much fun. Everybody in my group had a total blast at Wichita Room Escape and look forward to trying out the other room option and will definitely be back again when the third room opens up. They will be doing some beta testing on the new room soon so if you’d like to be a part of that Like them on Facebook to stay up to date on that. I already have.

While we didn’t make it out in time, it was still an enjoyable experience. In an odd twist of fate, one piece of furniture in the room used to belong to one of my friends in the group. It was a childhood piece that he donated to Goodwill and was eventually purchased by Escape Room; such a small world.

So what’s the best strategy for going in?

Once again, I’m not saying a word. You don’t want to have a single thing ruined for you. Go in with a fresh clean slate. That’s the best way to enjoy it.

My friends and I left Wichita Room Escape feeling as though we certainly got our money’s worth of entertainment. We were not on speaking terms after a barrage of insults towards one another after leaving but then we noticed Dempsey’s was next door. We all made up quickly and had drinks afterwards to celebrate the fact we were all losers.

The employees there are top notch. They have worked hard to put on a quality product and the results are there.

Trust me when I say this. Wichita Room Escape is one of the best entertainment experiences in town. Share this with your co-workers, friends and family. Tell everybody you know. Try it out as soon as you can.

You won’t be disappointed.


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