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Over at 8228 W 13th St, near 13th and Tyler, is a sushi restaurant called Ninza Sushi Bar. It’s been there for quite a while. Being an east sider, it’s rare I make it out to that side of town for food. So if I am ever on the west side of Wichita, I make it a point to stop by a restaurant I’ve never had before.


You can view the menu on their Facebook page:

On my short brief trip, I wanted to make it a point to try something different on the menu, one of their signature sushi rolls and a basic roll.

To start things off, I had some Miso soup because that’s what I do before I eat sushi. I have some Miso soup. Let’s face it, nearly all Miso Soup around Wichita is the same. So let’s move on.

The next order of business was to order a starter. Something on the menu stuck out to me as an item I’ve never had. It was a Tako Salad. Now this isn’t the type of “Taco Salad” you’re thinking of. This is a pickled Octopus salad. For those of you who fear trying new things or get turned off by texture it may not be for you. But if you are adventurous and open to new foods, certainly give this a try. It was my first time and I must say I was a fan. It’s rare when I have octopus but I’m never against it and having a pickled version was better than I expected!

For my two rolls, I ordered a basic Spicy Salmon roll and then went with the Alaska Roll from their Fresh Rolls section of the menu. An Alaska Roll is crab, avocado, salmon with eel sauce and Ninza Sauce.

For a sushi restaurant, my food came out EXTREMELY quick. I was a happy camper. As for the rolls, the Spicy Salmon roll wasn’t anything extraordinary. It never is, you know what you’re getting with that sort of roll. As long as the fish is good quality which it was, I would be a pleased eater. Regarding the Alaska Roll, it was a nice chunk of quality salmon placed over the top of the roll. Then you had all the other fish mixed in the middle of the roll topped with eel and Ninza sauce. The Ninza sauce was mighty tasty and had a nice bite to it. They were both two very good rolls that were decently priced. Everything tasted fresh which is always a positive.

The service was great and friendly. My drink was constantly filled. The food came out fast.

Would I go again? Certainly………..if I’m on the west side of town. If you live out there, definitely give this a try.

Happy Dining,

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