Valeries Wings and Things Review

My goal of trying a new restaurant once a week for four months continues. Thanks to a suggestion by an avid blog follower, co-worker and friend in Heather, I was told that my next stop should be a wing place; not just any wing place but Valeries Wings and Things.

Valeries Wings and Things is located at 3920 E 13th between Hillside and Oliver. It’s close by the old Cedar location for those of you who spent many years drinking schooners there in their college days.

My co-workers and I stopped in last week to see what the wings were all about.

Upon walking in we were kindly greeted by one of the most charismatic order takers we’ve come across on our lunch trips. The gentleman was very kind and just a pleasure to deal with. The staff all stuck out with their kindness and attention to detail. The service was already top notch in our books.

The menu is pretty simple. It’s mostly wings and a few other fried items like catfish and shrimp. You can order them all as a combo or individually.

We went ahead and ordered a little bit of everything. We ordered a couple Combination Combos which included shrimp, catfish and wings. Another co-worker ordered the 12 piece wing combo, all bone-in. Then we had a couple Peach Cobblers to end our lunch.

We were told that was a lot of food and we would certainly be full by the end of it. We didn’t believe him……… we were wrong.

Admittedly the food took a little long to arrive. There were many call-in orders during our visit so that would likely be an option for us in the future. When the food did arrive, we were surprised at the sheer amount of food we had just ordered and the size of the wings.


The pictures really don’t do the food justice. The boneless wings are litttterrrallly the largest boneless wings I’ve seen in a restaurant. We were pessimistic that the wings were large due to the amount of breading, we were wrong. There’s so much meat in those wings.

By all accounts the wings did not disappoint. My favorite flavor was their signature sweet heat. While I’m typically a bigger fan of bone-in wings than boneless, their boneless sweet heat cannot be beat. It’s the right amount of sweetness vs. heat. My co-worker thought their bbq was just excellent. He couldn’t finish his twelve wings they were just too much. It probably didn’t help he couldn’t stop eating the onion rings which were his favorite as well.

My other co-worker devoured his okra and catfish. He’s a huge fan of okra and highly recommends them if you make it out to Valeries.

Not a single person in our group finished their lunch. It was just too much. I actually went back to work looking ill cause I ate so much; not enough though to be sent home.

As for the Peach Cobbler, it was average to all of us. It was a lot more dough than peaches. If you love doughy Peach Cobbler than you may like it but for our preference, we wanted more peaches inside. It wasn’t bad by any means though.

Polling the group, Valeries Wings and Things was a winner in our books. We want to thank Heather for her recommendation of the place. I know I’ll be going back again.

Check out their Facebook page for more details and specials they have like Waffle Wednesdays.

Happy Dining!

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  1. I have eaten here twice. Only because I wanted to give it another try. The service was unprofessional, the food was rather bland,got the order wrong,food took a long time to arrive, people who did not work there entered the kitchen where the food was being cooked continually (friends of the workers). The restaurant was not clean, which added to my feelings that perhaps the kitchen was not clean as well.The wings and things located on central is really good so perhaps try this one if Valeries is not to your liking.

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