Food Truck: The Kamayan Truck Review

Who doesn’t love eating Asian food?

Who doesn’t love eating Asian food outside in the (rare and unpredictable) beautiful and cool Wichita weather?

The Kamayan Truck

Now imagine if there happened to be a food truck that could serve some of that? I’m talking about Asian food, not the weather because there is. It’s called The Kamayan Truck.

The Filipino translation of Kamayan means “to eat with your hands” and that is exactly what you’ll be doing with many of the items served at the Kamayan Truck. They serve a menu inspired by Asian flare with a rustic influence from all over the world.

They can be found all over Wichita at all the assorted food truck festivals in town, the ICT Pop-Up Urban Park, among other places. Follow them on Facebook to keep an eye on where they are at next.

Thanks to a tip from my friend Barbara, they were at the Second Saturday event at the Douglas Design District which is an event everybody should check out in the future.

When I get there, I came across this menu:

Everything on it looked so good! I eventually went with the BBQ Ribs with sticky rice. My friend went with the Asian tacos and some egg rolls.

The wait for the food was around under four minutes which is one of the fastest I’ve had at a food truck.

We split each of the meals so everybody could try a little of everything. The small little eggrolls came in four for $3 but were a good start to the meal. Good crunch. Good flavor. No complaints there.

The Asian style BBQ Ribs were delicious. While they weren’t off the fall right off the bone type of ribs, they had a good smokey flavor to them. Each bone had a ton of meat on them. The sticky rice was fantastic as well. If you drizzled some of the Bang Bang sauce on them, it added a good amount of heat on them.

As for the Asian tacos, I enjoyed them a little more than my friend did. She had them without any Bang Bang sauce on them which could have been a deciding factor. Once she tried the sauce, her opinion changed for the better. I loved the cabbage slaw on top of the pulled pork. It was a good little balance in the tacos.

I also snapped this picture of the Jalapeno Pork which smelled amazing. I’ll be getting this next time.

Overall, we spent a total of $15 for the tacos, ribs and eggrolls and felt satisfied after the meal. We weren’t left feeling like we were both really hungry but also weren’t overly stuffed.

The Kamayan Truck offered great value, quick service and outstanding food.

My trip to try as many food trucks this city has to offer was a positive start in the Spring/Summer time. The bar has been set very high as this was one of the best I’ve been to.

Give this one a try for sure when you head to any food truck event.

Happy Dining,

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