Food Truck: Strada by Lucianos Review

Last June, my friends and I made the trek out to Mulvane to review Luciano’s. It’s quite the drive out there and not one we make often unless we want to just give Kansas Star Casino our money.

Fortunately for those fans of Luciano’s, they have a food truck that offers some of the goodness on the go. It’s called Strada by Luciano’s! I just love that name Strada…. it sounds so elegant to say…. Strada.

Dark clouds means it’s going to rain good food

To find out where Strada by Luciano’s is going to be, you can follow them on their Facebook page which they update pretty frequently.

They come out to Wichita quite often at least 2-3 times a week.

A couple co-workers and I noticed they were out close by work so drove up to Via Christi to try out this much anticipated food truck.

When we arrived, we were literally the first ones there and lines didn’t start to form until we had already paid and received our food. I believe Charlie Sheen calls that, “Winning!”.

Strada by Luciano’s keeps a very simple menu. They have a few staple items and other menu items that change. Their main entree items are usually the Strada Salad Cone, Mottola Meat Sauce Pasta, and Cheesy Bow Tie Pasta. Then they will offer a few specials on yellow sheets of paper attached to their menu. Most menu options range from $7-8 which is on par with what you’ll see at most food trucks.

Based off of their suggestion, we ordered three different items. One co-worker went with the Mottola Meat Sauce Pasta which was considered the safe option. Another co-worker went with the Italian Mortadella Sandwich Combo while I went with the Pasta Con Salsiccia.

Our wait time was close to nil being the first people there.


First up was the Mottola Meat Sauce Pasta. The very first thing everybody noticed was how great the consistency was in their sauce. It wasn’t too runny and it wasn’t thick it all. My co-worker was a huge fan of his meal and noted the meat sauce was excellent and flavorful. I took a couple bites of it and started to get jealous.

My Pasta Con Salsiccia had some flavor to it but I found it rather dry. There wasn’t much ground Italian sausage to it; if there was I certainly couldn’t taste much of it. I gave some to my co-workers to try and they felt the same about it.

Meanwhile my other co-worker was in love with his Italian Mortadella Sandwich. He called it “darn tasty” almost as if he was rubbing it in my face. He couldn’t get over how tasty the Mortadella Beef was with the ground spices and pistachios inside. The mayo, cheese and tomatoes were an excellent compliment to the meat. He didn’t comment much on the small salad that came along with it because he was too busy raving about the sandwich.

So we went 2 for 3 on our meals which isn’t too bad at all. It all comes down to personal preference.

On the way out we decided to order a cheesecake with chocolate to take back to work.

While one co-worker thought it was too rich, that was opinion in the minority. It was a fantastic way to end a lunch. The chocolate tasted as if it came down here from heaven…..amazing.

That does it here for Strada by Luciano’s. I look forward to continuing my trek around Wichita and trying every food truck I can.

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