Kimlan Sandwiches Review

My journey to try a new restaurant once a week for the first four months took me to 1035 N Broadway for some Vietnamese sandwiches; introducing Kimlan Sandwiches!

Kimlan Sandwiches serves Banh Mi, boba drinks, and other baked goods. They are open Monday – from 10 am – 5 pm and Tuesday – Saturday 10 am – 6 pm.

For my visit to Kimlan I stuck with the basic item from their menu, Banh Mi and had to try some spring rolls while I was there.

Just recently, they put out a new menu.

For lunch, I ordered a Kimlan Combination which included a Pork Roll, BBQ Pork & Meatball. At the cheap price of $3.75, I also ordered a Grilled Pork Banh Mi which included thinly sliced pork marinated in Lemongrass-soy dressing. At the cheap price of $3.50, I pigged out and also ordered 2 fresh Shrimp & Pork Spring Rolls.


Each Banh Mi you order comes with a little baggie of cucumber, pickled carrots, jalapeno and cilantro. It’s up to you to decide what kind of vegetables you want in your Banh Mi. I went with the pickled carrots and cucumbers.

The Kimlan combination (first picture) was superb. The bread was just right. That mixed with the pork roll, meatball and bbq was delicious. If you’ve never had pork roll before, it’s something worth trying. Pork Roll aka Chả lụa is the most common type of sausage in Vietnamese cuisine, made of pork and traditionally wrapped in banana leaves. I remember fondly just eating it without anything else as a kid. It brings back great memories of my constant Vietnamese dining growing up.

The Grilled Pork Banh Mi was just as good. The pork doused in the lemongrass-soy dressing was fantastic, refreshing and certainly unique. I was considering ordering a second one to go but decided against it.

Lastly, I tried the Spring Rolls. They would best be described as decent. After eating both Banh Mi’s, it would have been hard for anything else there to compare. It didn’t help much that I was full from the lunch so that could have deterred me from giving them two thumbs up.

Overall Kimlan was a winner in my books. While one Banh Mi could do the trick, it couldn’t hurt to order two different ones for variety. The service and value of Kimlan is right on the money. I had a great chat with the employees at Kimlan. For having been around 4-5 years, I’m upset with myself that I did not go before last week. That changes soon as I will be going there again in the near future with friends and/or co-workers.

Happy Dining,

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