Marrakech Cafe Lunch Buffet Review

A year ago, my friends and I reviewed Marrakech Cafe. At that time, we enjoyed it but it never quite got added on to our list of continual lunch stops due to service issues and high lunch prices. Although the food was good, we never made it back.

Over 365 days, a friend of mine and I made a random stop for lunch and to our surprise much they had a lunch buffet taking place.

As a reminder, Marrakech Cafe is located at 6527 E 21st N back in the strip mall located at the southwest corner of 21st and Woodlawn.

Looking into their lunch buffet info off of their Facebook page, it looks like their lunch buffet takes place during the week. It is $7.95 for adults and $4.95 for kids; i’m assuming the kid price is by actual age, not maturity level.

Their spread of food included items like Zaalouk, Hummus, Beef Shawarma, Maalouba, Chicken, and rice. While it wasn’t the largest spread of items, it all looked and smelled great. Overall a good selection of items to choose from especially for $7.95.


One of the servers stood behind the buffet stations and served the food for you. It wasn’t one of those buffets where you serve yourself. I didn’t mind at all, it really helps with portion control and prevents those people who pile their plates up high and waste food.

My friend and I each made one and a half trips to the buffet to sample a little bit of everything on there. The Beef Shawarma piled on top of the rice was excellent; tender cuts of beef mixed in with vegetables, seasoned to perfection. I was a big fan of the Eggplant Dip as well. My friend was a little hesitant to try it, instead she stuck with the chicken and the Maalouba.

The service was much better than the last time. Our server made it a point to constantly refill our drinks, just casually check up on us, and do the simple and basic things that any server can do to keep a customer happy.

As I said earlier, while limited in overall selection the food was still very good and absolutely worth the $8 price tag.

This is one restaurant I won’t wait a year to return to.

Happy Dining,

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