Project Wichita Food Truck

With the warmer weather upon us, it’s time to move myself from eating inside restaurants to eating outside unless Mother Nature decides to drop the temperature to zero degrees tomorrow which wouldn’t surprise me.

What does that mean? Food Trucks.

Food Trucks have been popping up nonstop like zits when I went through puberty.

Seems like everyday I check the news, there’s a new Food Truck around town and they all sound delicious.

So I’m making it my goal to try and attempt at least 20 different food trucks but I need your help though. Trying to come up with a list is sure to be incomplete if I do all the work myself.

Below I’ve compiled a list of Food Trucks in Wichita and if you see any ones missing, please do let me know.

Bade Truck
Big Chill
Brickhouse BBQ
Brown Box Bakery
BS Sandwich Press
Charlie’s Pizza Taco
Chino’s Parilla
Funky Monkey Munchies
Kamayan Truck
Kind Kravings
Kona Ica
Let Em Eat Brats
Lil Bit Burgers
Monica’s Homemade Mexican Food Truck
Noble House
Ricos Tacos El Torito’s
Strada By Luciano’s
The Flying Stove
The Gardin of Eatin
U Hungry

Over the next handful of months, I’ll be paying attention to their Facebook pages to see which ones are open and where. I’ll update this post once I gather all the Facebook pages/webpages for each of the Food Trucks.

After I’m done, I’ll review them, rank them……..I don’t know what I’ll do yet to be honest. One thing I do know is I’ll have a lot to cover and I need to download a stopwatch App on my phone to time how long it takes each Food Truck to serve their food from the moment it’s ordered.

With events like Food Trucks at the Fountains and the Wichita Food Truck Pop-Up Park, it will help me knock multiple ones off the list. A good handful of them I’ve been to before but they could have improved or gotten worse over the past year so a refresh will help.

Stay tuned and Happy Dining!

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