The Room Hutchinson

My travels to try every escape room took me to Hutchinson, Kansas to a place called The Room Hutchinson.

Located at 2 E. 2nd Avenue, it was under a 50 minute drive to the home of the Kansas State Fair.

Here are some basics on The Room Hutchinson.

All the bookings can be done on their webpage at:

Currently, the Room has three different rooms to try The Professor’s Study, Bio Hazard, and A Christmas Caper which may not be around for much longer.

Each room takes a minimum of 2 people and a maximum of 6 people. The beauty of The Room compared to some of the other escape rooms is once you book a room, it’s yours. You don’t have to be paired up with strangers.

The price per person is $15 which is cheaper than the average Wichita rates……of course making the drive makes it “worth more” if you take into account the time. I went with family and friends and we decided to crank out two of the rooms available to make it worth the drive.

So what are the rules? You have 60 minutes to get out of the room. Once in the room, the game operators are able to hear and see every thing you’re doing. If you ever feel stuck and need a clue, your entire group has to come to a consensus, raise their hands and you will get a clue. Each time you get a clue, your ending time will have five minutes added on. For example, if you finish the Room in 55 minutes but ask for two clues your official ending time will be 65 minutes. If you finish in 59 minutes but asked for three clues, your official ending time is 74 minutes. Simple enough? Just wait until you get in the room!

Like past escape room reviews, I won’t give away any of the details once you’re inside except for they do a really good job with the ambiance and production value. That’s for you to find out.

The first room we did was the Professor’s Study and guess what? WE GOT OUT! We only used one clue as well. It was a ton of fun. We finished in very good time too and when the owner came to get us out, he told us the other room we reserved was currently in use and offered to let us try the third room we didn’t book, Christmas Caper, for free.

Of course we jumped at the opportunity. The Christmas Caper was as you guessed a Christmas theme……and we got out…..again…..with only using one clue.

The Room

By the time we were done with the Christmas Caper, our final room we reserved Bio Hazard was ready to go. And what do you know, we escaped the third room while using two clues. All of our times were really good and well under 60 minutes even with using clues.

All the rooms difficulty levels were about the same. I have to hand it to two of my brothers who were rock stars in deciphering puzzles.

All in all, everybody had a great time.

The rooms were all decorated with great themes that really made you feel like you were in an adventure. There was a story with each room that was given to you when you start. They did an excellent job with the production value. Everybody in my group had done the KeyQuest Escape with the exception of my Sister-In-Law who was doing an escape room game for her first time. So compared to that, they all really loved The Room Hutchinson.

The owner who ran the operation that day was just great. You could tell he genuinely cared that everybody was enjoying themselves.

If you live in Hutchinson, go! If you live in Wichita, make it a day with your friends and/or family to go out there, do at least a couple rooms while you’re there and try a new restaurant you haven’t had before. With the Kansas State Fair coming in September, this could be a great opportunity to do that AND The Room in the same day. We will definitely make the drive out there again when some new rooms open up.

BUT JUST WAIT, there’s more!

The Room is coming to Wichita! They have a location ready to go at 21st and Amidon area so it’s just a matter of time until they open. I’m not sure if I’m allowed to say exactly where it will be so I’ll just keep it at that. The owners are working on timing and logistics as it’s all family owned by them. When they do open, they’ll have four different rooms to try. Keep your eyes peeled for that, I’ll try to get more information as it comes along as I’ll be one of the first people in line when doors open.

My addiction to escape room fun was certainly filled. Thanks to my friends and family who came along for the fun. I think I’ve made a couple addicts out of them as well. I’ve now done every single escape room Wichita and the surrounding area has to offer, including every room at every location and my record stands at 4 escapes and 4 losses. Oddly enough, my brothers were involved in all of my escapes. There are two more Escape Rooms opening up or have opened up on the west side and downtown Wichita. You know those will be on my calendar soon.

Stay Tuned!

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