Bite Me BBQ Review

Bite Me BBQ

In a city full of barbecue options, where does one go exactly for a really good meal? Wichita By E.B. and by anybody I can talk into grabbing some food with me are here to help.

For five years, Bite Me BBQ has been sitting downtown at 132 N. St. Francis. Admittedly I have only been there once for their $12.50 Bloody Mary (reviewed here) last year. Some work colleagues and I decided to make an impromptu drive for to Bite Me for lunch.

Inside the dimly lit restaurant was a full bar and many tables and filled with many patrons for a busy lunch crowd. Our hostess greeted us and sat us immediately and we were off to the races.

The menu, which can be found on their website, covered the whole array of items that are also found at competing BBQ restaurants in town.

Along one of the sidewalls of Bite Me BBQ is a condiment bar filled with some delicious options like spicy cucumbers, pickles, jalepenos, carrots. etc.

For lunch, we ordered a mixture of the 2-3 meat options going with either the sliced brisket, chopped brisket, pulled pork, turkey and ham along with a random assortment of sides. Each of the 2-3 meat dinners came with two sides a piece.

For a busy lunch crowd, the food came out in a very timely manner.


Oddly enough, the sides were the very first thing everybody dove right into. To spoil the rest of the review for everyone, the sides may have been the favorite thing of the day. The pasta salad and coleslaw were both slam dunks for everybody. The pasta salad isn’t your typical one covered in Italian sauce. It was like a mix of pasta salad with the flavoring of potato salad/coleslaw along with bow-tie noodles. It was a creative and unique pasta salad that scored well with us. The baked beans were advertised as sweet and boy were they ever. Honestly they were so sweet I couldn’t finish the whole little bowl.

Spicy and Wimpy

The favorites of all the meat options we went with were the turkey and the ham. Both were very succulent and flavorful. The remaining meat options were honestly less than impressive to mediocre. The pork options were on the dry side. Adding in either the spicy sauce or the “wimpy” sauce (aka mild) really didn’t help matters much. Both sauces are on the sweet side, so if you like sweet sauces that is right up your alley.

While the service was very accommodating, friendly and fast, we found the food to be quite underwhelming. For the money, we’ve had better experiences at other options around town like Delano, Pig In Pig Out and B&C. If you don’t care about the money, I saw that Joe’s Kansas City also starts delivery now!

It kind of matches the feeling I had when I stopped in for their $12.50 Bloody Mary. Everything looked good on appearance but when it came down to crunch time, they fell just a bit short.

Happy Dining,

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  1. I like Bite-Me for the most part. Their turkey is one of the best I have ever had, but portions are small. I use to love their ribs, but the last two times they have been so tough I quit trying to eat them. He smokes them for 12 hours which I know is the problem and they are over done. Ribs at most would be 4-6 hours. Their sides are good, but the green beans leave something to be desired. I think their best is the pulled pork and turkey. If he can get his ribs back, I would eat there more often.

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