QuikTrip’s Cheeseburger Pizza Review

Let’s face it, Wichita is lucky. We have QuikTrips at what feels like every corner in the city. They truly are the best gas stations ever. Right about now, you’ve probably seen the following advertisements posted when you step inside a QuickTrip:

When you are pumping your gas:

When you are driving around the building:

When you are using the restroom:

OK, I didn’t walk inside to verify if that was true but would it surprise you? No.

QuikTrip has a new Cheeseburger Pizza out. It’s a limited time deal so a couple buddies and I gave it a try. I’m not much of a cheeseburger person in the first place so had to enlist the assistance of two guys who know Cheeseburgers.

QuikTrip’s Cheeseburger Pizza is 16 inches of everything you would find on a cheeseburger. I’m talking ketchup, mustard, beef, pickles, onions, and of course cheese. The X-Large 16 inch pizza will run you $14.99 but comes with a free 2-Liter bottle of coke. The X-Large was cut into ten slices when it was handed over to us and looks like this:

So if you look above at the advertisements and look at the finished product, they look NOTHING alike. As one buddy noted, the cheese was all over the top and helped keep the toppings all together. Plus when it comes to eating Pizza, appearance matters only so much. It’s the taste that counts.

Cheeseburger Pizza

…………and according to both friends, it tasted great. They are both huge fans of Knolla’s Cheeseburger Pizza. They noted QuikTrip’s was very very very comparable to in terms of quality and taste. They loved QuikTrip’s because it didn’t fall apart while you were eating it. As mentioned earlier, the cheese kept it all together. You didn’t have to worry about toppings falling off.

The crust was doughier than others in town and a little burnt as some spots.

I had a couple slices and admittedly it was pretty good and filling. The flavor of the pickles and onions really stood out in the pizza for me.

I can only imagine how good this Pizza could be cold the next morning. This was a pizza my friends would consider ordering again.

Most QuikTrip’s in town will serve the Cheeseburger Pizza until 10 pm. It’s only available for a limited time so try it while you can. And let me know what you think!

Happy Dining!

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