Food Truck: The Diamond Plate Review

My 2016 Wichita Food Truck Tour takes me to one truck I had never heard of. Fortunately my good buddy Robert gave me a heads up they were going to be in the area and boy am I ever glad I stopped by.

Our 12th stop was The Diamond Plate. Be sure to also Like them on Facebook after reading our review.

The Diamond Plate is a food truck that serves a very simple menu consisting of Smoked Pulled Pork Sandwich, Smoked Chicken Sandwich, Chicken Salad Sandwich, and Nachos.

It really fits their motto of “Smokin’ Grillin’ and Chillin'”.

My colleagues and I stopped by and made it a point to try every single item on their menu including their sides of Jalapeno Coleslaw and Potato Salad.

They do take credit cards in case any of you are wondering.

The time is took to get our food was probably anywhere from 2-7 minutes. We had no problems with our wait outside of the extremely hot sun pounding down on us. I felt bad for the staff inside the truck, it must have been 100 degrees inside there with just a tiny fan running. So much for their chillin’ unfortunately.

…..but they kept working away and getting everybody’s food out.

Take a look:


The focus of everybody’s first bite was the sides which both came out away as winners in the thoughts of our entire group. The Jalapeno Coleslaw was ordered by everyone. If you love coleslaw, this should be a hit for you. There’s nice chunks of Jalapeno inside but not enough to take away from the flavor of the coleslaw. It’s a good mixture though that still packs a little heat. We just loved it. The potato salad was great as well. One co-worker said it might be one of his favorite potato salads he has had.

The Smoked Pork and Smoked Chicken were instant hits as well. It had a real nice smoky flavor to it. The BBQ sauce side given was real thin and not overly salty which was perfect. To continue with the rave reviews, the Chicken Salad I was told might be the best in town. One colleague noted he could eat a bucket of the stuff. They loved the inclusion of the grapes into the chicken salad. Then to end it all the Nachos included homemade chips were well seasoned and packed a good crunch to it. Adding in their Smoked Pork and you couldn’t go wrong with it.

For $8 (or $9 if you ordered the Chicken Salad), the meal combo came with the sandwich, chips, a side and drinks. It was a great value especially compared to many food trucks in town that offer sandwich combos.

This was one of the favorite truck stops my colleagues have joined me on. It’s highly recommended by all.

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