Food Truck: Let’m Eat Brats Review

Our next stop on the Wichita Food Truck Tours brought us to Let’m Eat Brats.

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Let’m Eat Brats specializes in, you guessed it, brats. They a German food truck with different variations on brats along with some other menu items like bierocks and schnitzel sandwiches.


For our visit, a large group of us went and we ordered as many different things on the menu. Outside of the bierock which was sold out upon our arrival, we had the Cheddar Bratwurst, Weisswurst, Andouille, Schnitzel Sandwich, German Potato Salad, Fries, Pretzel and Caprese Pasta Salad.




We were really looking forward to a bierock but may have to try that for another time.

The brats themselves were good size and for $5. Like any other food stand, the going rate for a hot dog or a brat is around the $3-6 mark so for comparison purposes, it’s on par with what you’ll find.

The bread is like a French Baguette which most people found too hard and not to their preference for a brat.

For actual flavor, nobody was disappointed with how their brats tasted. The favorite brats among the group were the Cheddar Brat (which wasn’t too cheesy, had a nice smoky flavor that wasn’t overpowering), The Beer Brat (especially smothered in their delicious sauerkraut), and the Andouille (if you like spicy food).

Anybody who tried the sauerkraut reslish for an additional fifty cents said it was the best way to spend a couple quarters.

While the Caprese Pasta Salad was pretty oily, the German Pasta Salad was excellent.

Overall when you take into account food, prices, and how pleased everybody was, the group’s opinion was average to really good. One brat really didn’t fill you up so you would end up having to order a second one. Service was fairly quick for how busy the truck was when we visited.

Let’m Eat Brats is your only option for German food in town at the moment so if you’re wanting to try some, this is your only spot for it. This is one of the food trucks in Wichita with a very huge following so if you don’t want to take my word for it, take their loyal following’s word.

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