Food Truck: LoLo’s Crepes Review

On this little Food Truck Tour we’ve been doing all summer, we have yet to stop by a food truck that has a strong focus on desserts. We put that to a stop immediately.

Our next venture brought us to LoLo’s Crepes!

LoLo’s Crepes just opened up this week and focuses on French/Japanese-style crepes that are both sweet and savory. Just take a look at these options and tell me you aren’t craving one.

When I first heard about them opening, I knew I had to bump them up towards the top of my list of food trucks to attend.

My goal was to pick up a few and bring them by my niece to try along with me. I wanted to stick to the sweet Crepes as I already had dinner. The staff inside the truck were extremely helpful, polite and really pleasant to talk to.

I ordered a Sweet LoLo, a Smore’s and knowing that my niece is in love with Chocolate, I ordered a Nutella Lover with marshmallows.

Upon ordering them and letting them know they were to go, I was told the Sweet LoLo would be best if eaten on the spot because of the ice cream and whipped cream. So I took one for the team and made sure that was gone before I reached my little niece.

It didn’t take long for the Crepes and come out and when they did, the aroma was amazing. Driving down Douglas to get to my niece was a little more amazing. It was one of those times where I didn’t hit a red light. It was as if, Moses was parting the Red Sea for me so my Crepes delivery would be as fresh as possible.



The Sweet LoLo was truly a thing of beauty. The cone-shaped Crepes had a nice soft texture to it that melted in your mouth especially when each bite included some banana, some strawberry, whipped cream and much more. The best way to experience the Sweet Lolo is to take a single bite, close your eyes, take it all in, smile and repeat the process.

Between the two chocolate Crepes, my niece just loved the Nutella with Marshmallows. While holding it with two hands, I just loved the glee in her eye as she squeezed the Crepes and the post bite smile. She couldn’t get enough of it and I didn’t feel bad at all leaving her there with my brother and sister-in-law once the sugar rush hit. She commented over and over how delicious it was.

I took a few bites of the Smores Crepe and if you’re a fan of chocolate or Smores its the way to go.

LoLo’s Crepes was a big winner in our book and is one of those must stops at any type of Food Truck event if you’re looking for dessert. Or if you want to give them a try, I’d love to read people’s thoughts on their Savory options as well like the Black Forrest Ham or Bacon Crepes.

You can Like them on Facebook to see where they will be at next!

Count us in as a repeat customer!

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Happy Dining,

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