Food Truck: Ms. Tosha’s Chicken Review (CLOSED)

Our Wichita Food Truck Tour continues “truckin” along with a stop by Ms. Tosha’s Chicken!

In a city where you can find some Vietnamese or Lebanese food at nearly every corner, options for non-chain Fried Chicken are fairly limited.

This is where Ms. Tosha’s Chicken comes into play. What started off as a brick and mortar, turned into what I believe to be the city’s only Fried Chicken Food Truck. My friend, Heather, has told me about Ms. Tosha’s Chicken even when they were a brick and mortar for some time and I can’t believe it took me this long to try them out.

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The menu is very simple. Chicken, Fries and Gizzards. The chicken though is all made with dry seasonings. You can choose from Original, Spicy, BBQ, Italian, Ranch, Parmesan and Lemon Pepper.

On my visit to Ms. Tosha’s, I ordered a couple two piece meals and a separate leg and thigh piece. The three flavors I chose were Spicy, BBQ and Italian.

Everything is made to order on the spot. So just be aware it does take some time to get everything fried. I was able to watch the chicken get battered, seasoned, and fried. I was told you can always call in your order for future reference. Their number is 316-993-7792.

It took around 10-12 minutes for my meal to be ready and taken home to share with my brother.


The chicken was still very nice and warm when I reached my house. Upon opening each container, you could find the pieces of chicken laid out on top of a bed of fries on wax paper.

Their fresh cut fries had some of the chicken batter on it to keep it from getting flimsy and soggy. They had a nice crisp to them and was seasoned with whichever flavor of chicken you ordered; nice touch.

The highlight of the meal was of course the chicken. We all knew that was what Ms. Tosha’s Chicken would be judged by and they delivered. Each piece of chicken had a nice crunchy outer layer followed by tender pieces of chicken hiding underneath. The chicken was all cooked properly too where it didn’t taste so dry. My brother and I each both finished the meals big fans.

Our favorite of the three flavors was by far the spicy. If you go, that’s for sure one of the flavors to order. The Italian and BBQ were both good but for our preference, spicy won the battle.

The staff at Ms. Tosha’s was all upbeat and very friendly. It was the type of feel you’d get at a mom and pop shop. While waiting for your food, they ask you to sign the truck to which I did…….. maybe twice……

Another quality food truck in the Wichita Fleet; one you would certainly enjoy.

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