Puzzle Plex

The newest escape room just opened up and is the first to be located in Derby, KS.

They are Puzzle Plex and located at 614 N. Mulberry Rd.

Like many of the other escape room options in Wichita, you can book your room at their website: https://www.puzzleplex.net/

At the moment, they currently have just one room: The Office of Dr. Ian.

It is currently $20 per person to play in their six person room where you have one hour to escape. If you check out their Facebook page, there is currently a 20% offer to get that down to $16.

I gathered my superstar team of family and friends to see just how fun they were compared to the rest of the options in town.

Once you arrive you are seated in a lobby area where they go over the basics, rules, the types of locks, and an intro video is played on the screen to really set the mood for it all.

One thing people always want to know about are clues. At Puzzle Plex, they give you one clue for free. You get a second free clue if you check in on Facebook with Puzzle Plex. There is a leaderboard and if you want to be eligible for their leaderboard, those are all the clues you can have.

If you are there just to have fun and enjoy and don’t care about the competitiveness, then you can ask for as many clues as you’d like.

Of course we have a competitive nature to us so our goal was to make it through with one clue or even less.

As with any review on an escape room, we won’t give away any secrets of the room. We eventually escaped in roughly 33 minutes without using a single clue. It was one of our better times as we are starting to get this teamwork thing down and know what each of our assets are in an escape room setting.

The Office of Dr. Ian was a very fun room. We really had no complaints of the room once we got out and found it to be one of the more exciting rooms we’ve done. There’s a lot to it and different types of puzzles to keep everybody busy working on something.

Overall we were very happy with Puzzle Plex’s offering and can’t wait for their second room to be open up hopefully some time in July.

This is definitely another great option around town. One you should definitely try out if you live in Derby and one worth driving too if you live outside of it.

We’ve updated Puzzle Plex to our Complete Guide to Room Escapes in Wichita.

Happy Escaping!

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