The Foods of Wichita River Festival

I’ve already touched upon White Castle’s showing at the River Festival but not everybody may like that so how are the other food options?

For whatever reason, I have attended more dates at this years Riverfest than any other year that I can recall. My family and I went the other day to try the other food vendors around and here’s what tasted on:



Fried Peaches…………. fantastic! They were six tickets (the equivalent of six dollars). They weren’t breaded too much and tasted like warm peach pie. It was amazing stuff and something worth ordering.

Dippin Dots……the obligatory stop for any kid. They were I believe five tickets. For some reason the price escapes me. Let’s face it, you can’t go wrong with Dippin Dots. They are the key to every child’s heart.

Mango Tea……amazing as well. Five tickets for a large and worth every penny if you love mango.

Chicken on a Stick……another winner. Just don’t stand around there too long or you’ll be engulfed by the smoke coming off of the grill.

Cherry Limemade (forgot to take a picture). Worth five tickets for a large. I wouldn’t recommend getting the large, it’s extremely cherry and way too sweet for a drink that large.

Lastly it was the Gator on a Stick. For twelve tickets you get fries or you can order it for ten tickets with no fries. This was a major letdown for us. The smallest piece of alligator is served on a stick. A piece so small that two people can barely split it. We felt ripped off.

What we came away from the evening was to stick with Mango Tea, Chicken on a Stick, Fried Peaches and the obligatory Dippin Dots.

Here’s to hoping another visit to Wichita River Festival can pay off with some even better food.

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