Bonefish Grill’s New Summer Seasonal Menu

One of my favorite things to eat is seafood. Really good, high quality seafood is hard to come by in good ol’ landlocked Wichita, KS.

It was brought to my attention that Bonefish Grill had a new summer seasonal menu that featured some items that I love. It was also brought to my attention that it was one of my friend’s birthdays. This had all the makings of a great scenario to kill two birds with one stone.

The new seasonal menu can vary upon location from what I was able to research. For Wichita it featured Dayboat Scallops and Wild Sockeye Salmon. For those fans of adult beverages, they also had two new martinis. I felt that it was necessary to take one for the city of Wichita and try them out and be the guinea pig.

The birthday girl and I ordered both the Fresh Day Boat Scallops and the Wild Sockeye Salmon along with the Fresh Strawberry Rose Martini and the Fresh Watermelon Martini. The drinks arrived almost immediately after we ordered and was the start to a great meal.

I had the Watermelon martini which featured frozen Watermelon cubes to keep it cold. It was a very nice touch to it all. For me, it was a bit too sweet. My friend had the Rose’ Martini and she could really taste the Rose inside. We ended up switching drinks and it worked out perfectly. I loved the light taste of the Rose Martini while she loved the sweet refreshing Watermelon Martini that she would go on to order a second round of.

That was just the start because soon after, our meals come out and the aroma of it all was just amazing.

The Day Boat Scallops were laid on a bed of creamy corn risotto and topped with crispy bacon and lemon drizzle. I made it a point to take one big bite to get all the flavors infused together and it was everything I hoped it would be; nice tender piece of scallop cooked to perfection with a nice acidic drizzle followed by bacon (who doesn’t love bacon) and creamy corn to compliment it all. All five scallops on the plate were of good size and surprisingly filled me up by the end of the meal.

The Wild Sock Eye Salmon was another site to behold. My friend loves her salmon and commented on how well put together the salmon was. It wasn’t too flaky; it didn’t have a big fishy aftertaste; and it was simply amazing. The bacon and blue cheese crumbles really through off the salmon flavor in a good way. She said it was some of the best salmon she’s had in town.

REALLY good high end seafood is hard to come by in Wichita; fortunately there are some options on the east side of Wichita.

In trying out the new seasonal menu at Bonefish, we can definitely say we give it our approval and recommend it to others out there. Everything was fresh and delicious with a service that matched the quality of the food.

Happy Dining!


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