Food Truck: Dappery Dodo Breakfast Burritos Review

While New York City is known as the city that never sleeps, Wichita is probably the opposite of that.

Restaurants on average close around 8-10 pm. If you work late hours or are a night owl in general, dining out leaves you very few options outside of your basic fast food spots. If you want to try a food truck, your options are even more limited. And when I say limited, I mean one.

Only one food truck in town is open after 11 pm regularly; the only catch is it’s only open on Friday and Saturday.

They are Dappery Dodo Breakfast Burritos whom you can Like on Facebook.

When you go out to find them, just be aware their truck does not say Dappery Dodo Breakfast Burritos. Currently the owners of Dappery Dodo are borrowing the truck of Mr Natural Soul Kitchen (which I still need to review) until they buy their own truck.

The truck is open from 11pm – 3am (you read that right….11 in the evening until 3 in the morning).

They are best known for their whimsical burrito creations.

On my visit there they had the following menu:

The Lechon-Silog Burrito includes crispy roast pork, garlic fried rice, fried eggs and pickled veggies.

Then there’s a Chicken and Waffles Burrito. When I first saw that on the menu, I had to do a double take. Are you kidding me? A Chicken and Waffles Burrito? SIGN. ME. UP!

I’ve read sometimes they offer a Monte Cristo Burrito which is essentially a Monte Cristo sandwich inside a burrito. Yum……………

To give a proper assessment, I had to order both the Lechon-Silog Burrito and the Chicken and Waffles Burrito.

It took roughly 15 minutes to get both the burritos and then I was headed home. It took every ounce of me not to stop my car to eat the burritos on the side of the road. The aroma was amazing.

I started off with the Lechon-Silog Burrito. The garlic fried rice and pickled veggies gave the burrito a delicious and unique flavor. Anytime you’re eating a burrito, you expect either a breakfast taste or something Mexican. I loved the newness of this burrito. The crispy pork ended up being a great mix with the pickled veggies. Adding my favorite condiment, Sriracha, to the mix was like a cherry on top.

Then I continued my late night pig out session with the Chicken and Waffle Burrito. Wow. One bite in and I had to sit back, relax and just take it in. It was like comfort food wrapped up in a warm tortilla blanket. The waffles were made on the spot at Dappery Dodo and placed inside the burrito with a nice big piece of chicken. The enjoyment didn’t stop there. Dappery Dodo also included a small side of Maple Sriracha which is something everybody has to try once. It’s like Maple Syrup with a small bit of heat added in the form of Sriracha. I love fusion foods and I love condiments. So having a fusion condiment is right up my alley.

Overall I was 1,000% impressed with Dappery Dodo Breakfast Burritos. Being a night owl, this certainly will be added on my list as a late night stop on the weekends. I’ll even pay my Uber driver extra money to make a stop by the truck or offer a free burrito.

Give it a try yourself. All reviews I’ve read have been very positive for Dappery Dodo and their awesome creations.

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