Helping Out Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation

My nieces and I occasionally get together for Italian Ice. It’s our little uncle/niece date where I ask them how their summer is going, they ask me if I ever plan on getting married and then they one up each other on who has the coolest toys.

For our recent trip to Rita’s Italian Ice, the conversations changed to helping people out. While walking in, they saw all these paper lemons with people’s names on them and asked what it was for. Recently, Rita’s Italian Ice partnered up with Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation. The foundation is dedicated to finding a cure for all childhood cancers.

Our family has had our fare share of cancer so they had some knowledge of what it was but didn’t know children could get it.

Rita’s has been selling those paper lemons for $1 each with that money going to the Foundation and the papers going on the store’s “Wall of Hope”. Over the past ten years, Rita’s has raised more than $4.2 million for pediatric cancer research!

So what did the girls want to do next?

They each got their own paper lemon.

Fortunately they have finally reached the age where they can write their own names.

Of course that didn’t stop them from enjoying a nice cool treat for their worthy donation.

To keep with the theme of the day, the girls got to try one of Rita’s ALSF-theme flavor which was, you guessed it…. LEMONADE!

Who Doesn’t Love Lemonade?

That does it for our regular trip to Rita’s! The only difference this time is we didn’t have just two but three very happy young customers.

There are two locations in Wichita:

2929 N Rock Road


1021 E Douglas Avenue

Happy Dining!

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