Lynn’s Curbside Cookout Food Truck Review

EDIT: Lynn’s Curbside Cookout has closed down

Lynn's Curbside Cookout

While at an event in Andover, we checked out our latest food truck, Lynn’s Curbside Cookout who specializes in all sorts of different barbecue dishes.



Cash/Card Accepted

Here’s their menu:

Lynn's Curbside Cookout

We ordered their nachos and pulled pork sandwich for our visit. The prices weren’t bad at all and about on par with many of the other food trucks in town. Service time was really good as well. For how busy the event was, they did a great job of getting the food out in a timely manner.

Lynne's Curbside Cookout

Unfortunately all the good ended there. We weren’t impressed with the nachos. There wasn’t much meat on top of them. It was just lacking that wholesome nacho flavor one would expect. Aside from the lack of presentation, it was just missing a lot. Definitely plenty of better nachos to be had at other trucks. And the sandwich? It just felt lazy to us. The BBQ didn’t have that nice smokey flavor and some of it was tough.

Overall a disappointing visit for us.

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