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The newest Escape Room opened their doors in Wichita over the weekend. They are called The Room.

If you’ve been following all the Escape Room articles here at Wichita By E.B., then you’ll recall our review on The Room Hutchinson. Well the owners of The Room Hutchinson have brought their talents to Wichita, Kansas!

This is actually their third location with other Rooms located in Hutchinson, KS and Springdale, AR.

The Room Wichita is located inside a building at 1999 N. Meridian Suite 335 which is just south of the intersection of Meridian and West 21st street.

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The Room Wichita opened up with three rooms with plans to open up a fourth room in the next four weeks. You can check out their offerings and make your bookings at their website.

Bookings are $15 a person which is the best price in town. The rooms are a minimum of 2 people and a maximum of 6 people. Three of my favorite parts about the Room is you can book a room just for your group. If you don’t fill all six spots in the room, then they don’t put you in with strangers. Second, for those of you with kids they do not charge for children 10 years of age and younger when accompanied by an adult. And lastly, the guy who runs the Room Wichita is just fantastic. He’s very personable, focused on the customers having a great time, and genuinely cares about his business.

For those wondering, you get as many clues as you want. Each time you ask for a clue you get 5 minutes added to your final time. So if you complete a room in forty minutes but ask for two clues, your final time is 50 minutes.

Of course no Escape Room visit is complete without my superteam of my brothers, sister-in-law and friends. On our visit, we tried two of the three rooms available:

The Miner’s Map: Mr. Withers is one of Kansas’ wealthiest miners and has been missing for several months now. Rumor has it Mr. Withers had left the map to one of richest mines somewhere inside this location.

The Interns: Located somewhere inside this office is a thumb drive containing all the bosses top client list. Retreive the thumb drive and exit the room before the time runs out. For those that make it out in time, you get to keep your internships! Those that don’t, well, you will be replaced.

Of course we won’t give anything away on our reviews.

Both rooms were extremely entertaining. The more challenging of the two rooms for our group was The Miner’s Map. We ended up having to use two clues. One of those clues we used was a “Oh my God, how could we be so stupid” moment. I’m sure some of you readers have experienced the same feeling if you’ve done an Escape Room. We ended up finishing the room in about 43 minutes but those two clues made it 53 minutes.

The second room we did, The Interns was much easier. We completed that room with zero clues in roughly 35 minutes.

My brothers and sister-in-law continue their undefeated streak of Escape Rooms meanwhile I have some blemishes on my record   :(

If you’re a competitor, The Room has a Top 5 board. They will post the best five scores online for everyone to see.

Overall it was the same fun experience offered in Hutchinson but now offered in Wichita too for those who didn’t want to make the drive out to there. All the rooms are unique stories. The rooms in Hutchinson are different than the ones in Wichita. We are huge Escape Room fans so it was a fun time for the six of us.

We give them our seal of approval. Great customer service, Great time and Great price.

Happy Escaping!

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