Wichita Marriott Sunday Brunch Buffet

My friends and I continue our travels around Wichita looking for really good Sunday Brunches with our visit to the Wichita Marriott hotels.

A sampling of what you can get

They are located at 91011 E Corporate Hills Dr. near the northwest corner of Kellogg and Webb.

Their brunch runs from 11am – 2pm and is $16.95 a person.

When you enter the hotel, the open restaurant area is right there. You can’t miss it. There are no doors to walk into, it’s just tables scattered around in a lobby type area with a bar against the back wall and their buffet lines set up against another wall.

The Wichita Marriott Sunday Brunch Buffet offers many of your main staples like an omelet and waffle bar, prime rib station, dessert bar, salads and an assortment of breakfast and lunch items.

Here’s a glimpse of their offerings:




To keep this short and sweet and not bore you with anything, the food at the Wichita Marriott is all of really good quality. The prime rib was tender, the Mediterranean Salad was excellent (and my personal favorite), and the Chicken Parmesan was a favorite of a friend of mine.

Wichita Marriott

Overall though, nothing stood out to us that separated it from many of the Sunday Brunch Buffets in town. They featured many items that can be found in other buffets at restaurants and hotels.

The $16.95 price tag was comparable to other places in town and the service was all top notch and

For proximity to home, it’s nice but if I’m looking for unique brunch items I would probably go elsewhere.

Happy Dining!

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