Alberto’s Pizzeria Buffet Review (CLOSED)

Many of the times when I choose a restaurant, I do zero research on the place. I avoid the reviews because I want to go into it with an open mind, free from anybody else’s opinions. This was how I started Alberto’s Pizzeria Buffet.

Alberto’s Pizzeria Buffet is located 3109 S Seneca, located just north of Machello’s Restaurant.

They are open 7 days a week from 11am – 9pm except for Friday and Saturday when they close at 10pm.

All I knew about Alberto’s Pizzeria Buffet was that they had a pizza buffet; that’s all. I talked a friend into going there with me and mistakenly built the place up. Imagine my surprise when I walked into Alberto’s Pizzeria Buffet and saw this:

Alberto’s Pizzeria is built exactly like a CiCis Pizza. If you’re unfamiliar with CiCis Pizza, they are a pizza chain that serves cheap pizza at a cheap price on a buffet line. There used to be a few of them in Wichita but now just one still stands out west.

We went just as lunch was ending and the pickings were far and few between.




The buffet line looked exactly like Cicis Pizza. It started with the simple salads, then noodles, then pizza, then desserts.

If you’re wondering about price, here’s the menu:

The buffet price is $5.50 for adults, $4 for children, and $1 for kids under 3.

I can imagine this place draws a huge high school lunch crowd along with families looking for a cheap dinner outing.

Along the themes of cheap is the food. Neither of us were impressed with the salads, pizza and even the desserts. For $5, you will get filled up but you won’t feel really satisfied after. I remember going to CiCis and this a less impressive version.

Like any buffets, consistency is tough to do due to the off times. I’m sure during a busy lunch, the busy turnover helps keeps the pizza fresh. When we went, there were a handful of pizza options available with nothing new being placed out. Some of the tables were dirty and left unattended.

The actual pizza was a bit cool and rather bland.

In the end, I felt bad for taking my friend here. She assured me this is a place she likely would not go to again. Unfortunately, I must admit my feelings were the same.

Unhappy Dining!


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