Exploration Place: Dinosaurs in Motion Exhibit

Who isn’t fascinated with dinosaurs. I believe every kid at some point in time wanted to be a paleontologist. I was in the same boat until I saw Jurassic Park one fateful day in 1993 and saw firsthand how deadly it could be.

After that horrific experience and eye-opening moment, I realized being an unpaid blogger would be safer for me physically beyond all red meat of course. Although my career path decision changed, my love of dinosaurs never failed.

Let’s fast forward 23 years later and I read that Exploration Place had a new traveling exhibit called “Dinosaurs in Motion”.

Here’s the general description:

Unlike any other dinosaur exhibit you’ve seen here, control 14 magnificent, fully interactive, recycled metal dinosaur sculptures with exposed mechanics, inspired by actual fossils. Along the way, you’ll go on an apprentice’s journey to learn about art, science and innovation that ends in a journeyman’s workshop. Included in general museum admission, free for members. Produced by Imagine Exhibitions.

This sounded like a perfect and selfish excuse to sell the idea of going to my nieces. After presenting them with the option of going (mixed in with a bribe of Little Lion Ice Cream), they were 100% sold.

The exhibit had a little bit of everything for people. Many hands on displays that allowed you to move dinosaurs with pulleys and levers and remote controls. The girls were given an idea of how the dinosaurs moved while seeing a piece of art.


There was a table with plastic bones and artifacts for kids to see while one of their staff members explained what everything was. .

Some people pick bones, others pick their noses.

Many of your historical favorites in regards to dinosaurs were there like the Brontosaurus,  Triceratops, along with a host of others..


It was fun for the girls to play around and see exhibits that were “a million times their size” according to them. We even mixed in a movie at their dome called “Flying Monsters” that focused on flying reptiles of the dinosaur world to get in the whole theme of our Dinosaur afternoon. They just loved the Dome Theater. Never have they seen a theater that encompassed almost the entire room.

Overall it was a great way to spend a couple hours with the kids. They even caught a few Pokemon on their Saturday Dinosaur Adventure. Certainly worth the $32.50 spent on the day to get them to see something they haven’t had before.

We checked their upcoming exhibits and will be back again come October.

The Dinosaurs in Motion exhibit runs until September 5th, 2016 at Exploration Place so get out there before it’s gone.

As a reminder, Exploration Place is located at 300 N McLean Rd. They are open 10am – 5pm everyday except for Sunday when they open at Noon.

For a complete list of pricing, check out their website.

Happy Roaming!


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