First Look at Sakana Japanese Grill and Sushi

Did you know there’s a fine dining sushi restaurant open in Andover?

This was unbeknownst to me until a friend was at the Dillon’s parking lot in Andover and had a flyer on her windshield marketing the new restaurant.

Introducing Sakana Japanese Grill & Sushi.

They are located at 626 S Andover Rd.

The hours are Sunday – Thursday 11am – 9:30pm and Friday/Saturday from 11am – 10pm.

Sakana has a full menu and the ability to order online at their website as well which is very convenient:

When I first saw there was a new restaurant, my original thought was it was going to be a quick style sushi joint where it’s in and out. When I walked in, I was surprised to see it was a full scale sit-down sushi restaurant. There’s plenty of seating, good lighting and many servers catering to the patrons.

I went in on a whim and ordered some sushi carryout for my cousin and I.

While they have a full menu that also includes hibachi and other dinner options, it was the middle of the day and just wanted to stop in to see what the place was like.

I snapped some pictures while sitting by the sushi station watching the chefs quickly make roll after roll. I ended up settling on a Tuna Amazing Roll (White tuna & asparagus inside, topped with pepper tuna, avocado and eel Sauce), a Fire Starter Roll (Spicy tuna & avocado inside, yellowtail, jalapeno & caviar on the top with chili sauce) and a Spicy Salmon Roll.

The prices were comparable to what you’d see at a Sumo or Wasabi. What was supposed to be a quick look for a couple items turned into a $40 stop….. the price of being a food blogger in Andover I suppose….

It took around 15 minutes for everything to be made and they even included a free salad for me to try.


If you love ginger dressing, you’ll love the salad. I’m such a huge ginger dressing fan; I wish there was a really good version I could buy at the store.

As for the sushi, both specialty rolls were very good; nice big chunks of fish included in each roll. The spicy salmon roll was ok; I’m just not the biggest fan of the mashed up salmon. I’m partial to the spicy salmon rolls that include an actual piece of salmon untouched.

We reserved full opinions on everything until we can actually go in, have a seat and try the restaurant in it’s truest form.

But in the meantime, if you’re wondering about sushi in Andover, it’s there now!

I’d love to read about your experiences at Sakana down below if you’ve already gone or e-mail them to

Happy Dining,

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