Los Mexican Burritos Review

There are those weekends where I’m completely free and will drive around over the lunch hour to areas of town I don’t normally venture to in search of a restaurant I’ve never heard of.

This drive took me to 3005 E Pawnee (near Pawnee and Hillside) to a place called Los Mexican Burritos “Mexican Fast Food”. They are open 24 hours a day and take both cash and card.

Browsing through the menu, Los Mexican Burritos was very similar to many other quick service Mexican restaurants in town. They have inexpensive burritos, combination plates, tostadas, tacos, enchiladas, tortas, etc.

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I decided to keep it simple. First of all if you go to a place called Los Mexican Burritos, you HAVE to order a burrito. I went with the Colorado  Burrito (potatoes, steak, cheese, Mexican salsa) and a Carne Asada taco because let’s face it….. who doesn’t love tacos? For same measure, I ordered a churro as well.

Like many other quick service Mexican restaurants there is a little station with salsa. I found the hot red salsa to be my favorite; that had the most kick and flavor.

And of course, what everybody cares about….. the food:


I started off with the carne asada taco since it was the least intimidating of the options. This was your basic street taco with a double layer shell to keep it from getting soggy. When drizzled with some red hot salsa, that baby was delicious. At $1.98, it was well worth the price of admission; plenty of meat that it all couldn’t even fit in the taco.

Then it was off to the burrito. Los Mexican Burritos’ burritos were large and in charge; easily one of the bigger burritos I’ve seen in town. When I cut it in half, it was like poking a hole in a volcano and having everything just start gushing out. I’m not sure how they managed to stuff all the meat and potatoes into the burrito but they did. I was only able to eat half of it but it was rather delicious. I could only imagine how much better it would have been late late late at night when I’m sure they draw a good crowd.

After the burrito, I ended my lunch binge with a churro.

This was your basic churro just doused in cinnamon. They served it to me warm and fresh so I had it at it’s best condition. You really can’t mess up a churro (or at least I hope not). It was a nice refreshing dessert to end my lunch on.

Los Mexican Burritos is very similar to many 24 hour Mexican restaurants in town. From the menu to the prices, they don’t vary much. It just comes down to convenience of location. If you’re on the south side of town looking for a good ol’ fashion huge burrito, this is your spot. If you need one at 2 am, this is your spot.

Happy Dining!


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  1. This place is not friendly! I went just now to get a steak burrito with extras and got steak fries. And when I confronted then the cook wanted to fight I do not recommend this place can’t make orders right this is the second time no bueno!!!!!

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