Sweet Allie B’s Review

I have quite a few foodie friends on social media. While everybody’s busy looking at their friend’s pictures of their child’s first day of school, I’m busy looking at pictures of lunches and dinners people have.

One day someone posted a picture of a sandwich that caught my eye. After doing some more research, it was a restaurant I had never heard of. Come to find out this restaurant was a catering company that recently expanded to a restaurant.

Introducing…. Sweet Allie B’s!

They are located at 707 N Waco Suite 105. Their hours are Monday – Saturday 10:30am – 7:30pm and Sunday from 10:30am – 5:30pm.

Sweet Allie B’s specializes in sandwiches, wraps and salads.  On Saturday and Sunday they have a brunch menu from 10:30am – 2pm that includes breakfast casseroles, breakfast burritos, biscuits and gravy and much more. Their website has their full menu: http://www.sweetalliebs.com/restaurant-menu

A few coworkers and I stopped in for lunch one weekday. We were all first timers excited at the opportunity to see just how Sweet, Sweet Allie B’s was.

When you walk in, you’re greeted by a sweet mannequin that looks similar to Taylor Swift….. my niece would have loved that. Inside the restaurant, it is a nicely renovated office space turned eatery. It’s very open and includes a full service bar.

Two of us ordered starters for our meal. I went with a basic house salad with a lime dressing with bits of guacamole inside. The dressing was absolutely wonderful. Meanwhile my colleague went with the Sweet Corn Bisque. She wasn’t sure what to make of it. It was a pretty basic soup to her and didn’t have much in the way of flavor to it.

For lunch, we ordered the Wild Thyme Sandwich, the Green Chili Enchilada Special, Roast Beef Po’boy Sandwich, and the Sweet Allie B’s Reuben.


My colleague who ordered the Sweet Corn Bisque had the Wild Thyme Sandwich. It’s fair to say she’s the pickiest eater in our group and one who rarely branches out from the norm. She was hesitant to order the sandwich because of the cranberry jalapeno jam but was surprised by it all upon eating it. She said it was more sweet than spicy but overall a great combination. I’m hoping to convert her to trying more different types of food so experiment number one was a success. She said the sandwich more than made up for the soup and she would definitely go back.

Another colleague went with the Green Chili Enchilada. It was on special that day and included chips & salsa along with a pasta salad. It was probably the best value of all of our meals. He felt the enchilada and chips/salsa combo were both good but not great. It was a bit dry but not to the where it wasn’t bearable. He felt it was a good meal. The pasta salad was excellent.

The Roast Beef Po’boy sandwich was excellent according to my other colleague. The roast beef was super tender and juicy….. “Big Beef flavor!” This was probably due to the gravy that the meat was smothered in; either way it was very delicious. The bread was nice and crisp as well. She also had the pasta salad but found it to be ok. It had good flavor and lots of fresh vegetables but she likes her pasta salad to include a lot of dressing in it. The pasta salad at Sweet Allie B’s was a bit dry so it comes down to total preference on that.

I went with the Reuben and pasta salad. When it comes to pasta salad I love both types whether it is dry or comes with more dressing. My only nitpick is black olives. I hate a lot of black olives in my pasta salad so I was a huge fan of the offering at Sweet Allie B’s. As for the Reuben, the crust had a nice burnt crisp to it to keep the entire Reuben intact. It was the right amount of thousand island dressing with the sauerkraut and corned beef. Sometimes restaurants will over do one item but Sweet Allie B’s had it all right so everything complimented each other.

We ended our lunch each with a mini fudge brownie and coconut lime cupcake. Each item was 75 cents a piece so we all went ahead and ordered both. The brownie was hit or miss with our group; more on the miss side though. The brownie was a rather dry but had a nice flavor of dark cocoa. We all wish it was a little more moist. The cupcake though was the favorite of the two. It was nice, light and had a good fresh zest of lime to it.

Overall the prices were great for what we got. The customer service and cleanliness of Sweet Allie B’s was top notch.

One co-worker was happy they had Wi-Fi and VERY clean bathrooms.

The lunch items were the stars of the lunch; great sandwiches all around. This is a place all of us would go to again and try some other sandwich or wrap options they have.

Happy Dining!


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  1. Thanks for the review, we live across the park from SAB's and were unaware. Had the Roast Beef Po'Boy, best meat Po'Boy this side of Mother's in New Orleans. Very nice, comfortable space, great staff. Thank's to Allie and Tyson for checking on our table and swapping stories about Louisiana. We'll be Back!

    Mona & Harry

  2. First I want to point out the entrance is on the back, not on the street side. Second I went to try them out on Saturday the 24th at 6PM and there wasn't a soul in sight, even though the posted hours said they should have been open. No lights on and no cars in the lot. I'll have to try back because I want to taste that Po'Boy.

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