First Look at MilkFloat: Desserts & Drinks

A new restaurant opened up over the weekend in the Delano District. To most people’s surprise it’s not a burger restaurant, a bar and grill, a pizza place or even a frozen yogurt spot….. nope. It’s a dessert restaurant.

They are called MilkFloat. They use the best, organic and ethically-sourced ingredients. They offer classic American desserts made fresh daily in their scratch kitchen which you can watch for yourself.

When I got word that they were opening, I knew I had the perfect group of people to check it out for the first time. With the assistance of my cousin, sister-in-law and a bunch of kids, we stopped in to get our First Look at MilkFloat.

535 W Douglas Ave #140
Wichita, KS 67213

Open Tuesday – Saturday 9am – 10pm
Closed on Sunday/Monday

No Menu Available

Cash/Card Accepted


The place is very spacious when you walk in. There’s plenty of seating inside with enough for around 60 people.

From stories I’ve read, they have lots of pies, cakes, coffees along with homemade Twinkies, Twix, Rice Krispie treats, cinnamon rolls, and pop tarts. It’s truly a who’s who of your favorite desserts. Not all items will be made available everyday and some could sell out pretty soon. When we arrived, there was no menu available. I overheard that they do intend to get something up on their walls in the future.

My family and I arrived just as breakfast was over but I was able to get their last Sweet Potato Cinnamon Roll and Strawberry Pop-Tart. One thing we noticed is there were no prices listed anywhere, we were buying it all completely blind unaware of what we were about to spend. Once we checked out, it looked as though most items cost around the $2-4 range.

We didn’t see any ice cream or sodas available when we were there but there was plenty of coffee being served.

Besides the Sweet Potato Cinnamon Roll and Strawberry Pop-Tart, I also ordered a Pumpkin Pie in a jar along with a bottle of milk for my niece; not just any bottle of milk though. There were two milk options there, one that tasted like it was the leftover milk from a bowl of Captain Crunch and one that tasted like the leftover milk of Honey Nut Cheerios. My niece chose the Captain Crunch milk. We had all of that and a couple glasses of water.

My cousin ordered a brownie and Elvis cake while my sister-in-law went with the Snickerdoodle and a coffee. We essentially ordered almost everything that was available that day.

The plate presentation was all very cool. The glasses of water were well designed. It was a very relaxed and soothing ambiance once we were settled at our table.

Everyone snacked on each other’s dessert purchases. My niece just loved the milk. She couldn’t get over the fact that it tasted like Captain Crunch at home.

After that the favorite three desserts for us was probably the Pumpkin Pie in a jar which my nieces just devoured. Everybody got a bite in and loved it. My cousin raved about the cream cheese. The brownie was also well received. It was very moist and had a strong chocolate taste. Then the Strawberry Pop-Tart was the other huge favorite for us. It was described as ten times better than a regular Pop-Tart. There was so much more strawberry inside than the store bought versions. You could definitely taste the quality difference.

For a dessert restaurant, everyone enjoyed their time there. I read about some people having problems with slow service but our visit on their second day of being opened went by with no hitch. Moving forward, having their daily menu up similar to what a Tanya’s Soup Kitchen does with their Facebook would be very beneficial. Being able to see the prices would be another nice addition for customers.

Their actual website is essentially blank at the moment. Their location or hours aren’t even loaded up yet; a big no no in the web design realm.

Other than that, the actual desserts were FANTASTIC. This is a place we will certainly return to once they get settled. I have homemade Twinkies and the Nutella Pop-Tart on my wishlist.

Have you gone? What do you think? Post your thoughts below!

Happy Dining,

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2 thoughts on “First Look at MilkFloat: Desserts & Drinks”

  1. Knowing someone on the inside I do know that they have been through many hurdles when trying to get open. They even had to change their location due to issues with the first one not too long ago.
    My first time there was yesterday and yes, a menu is the first thing I would work on. I only had the green tea but it was the best green tea I've ever had. Very smooth and delicate. I did have a bite of my sisters snickerdoodle bar and a sip of her iced berry tea, both were equally as good.
    I spoke with the owner briefly about the bare walls and wondered if they planned on filling them with local art. I did not get a definite yes but I did learn they plan on participating in the final Friday's.

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