Our Favorite Treat at Rita’s!

My nieces were tasked recently with choosing their favorite treat at Rita’s. We spent an entire summer going there and having nearly every item on the menu. By now they were pro’s and knew how it all worked out.

Let me set the record first that if one girl chooses a favorite, it’s automatically the other’s favorite and vice versa. It’s as if they are twins but with different parents.

When I told them of this task, they knew immediately what they were going to order and did so upon entering the doors of Rita’s Italian Ice.

They went straight for the Cotton Candy Italian Ice. After sampling so many different flavors through the summer months, they settled on one favorite treat. I asked them why Cotton Candy was their favorite and was given such responses as, “Cause it’s the best”, “It tastes so great!”, and “Duh!”. Such creative responses from a couple six year olds.

After finishing off with their favorite treat, they wanted to try something we didn’t notice was on the menu until tonight: Custard Cookie Sandwiches!

It was a combination of two of their items, frozen custard and Oreo cookies. The cookie sandwiches were so big that they couldn’t even finish it themselves. They were indeed very large. After the cookies, the girls were so indecisive on what was their favorite and decided both the cookies and cotton candy were both a tie……. so diplomatic.

How often do you get your Rita’s Italian Ice fill? If you go often, what’s your favorite go to treat?

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Happy Dining!

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