Dockum Apothecary – Craft Cocktails and Classic Ambiance

There’s a new speakeasy in Wichita that is a throwback to the old days of prohibition. It’s tucked away in the basement of a hotel that most people may not even know about it.

It’s called Dockum Apothecary.

Basement Ambassador Hotel at 104 S Broadway
Wichita, KS 67202

Open Tuesday – Saturday – 6pm – 1am
Closed Sunday & Monday


Cash/Card Accepted


Located in the basement of the Ambassador Hotel, Dockum Apothecary focuses on two things: craft cocktails and a classic ambiance that you probably won’t find anywhere else in Wichita.

Getting there was part of the fun. We walked inside the Ambassador and trying to find Dockum was a very small challenge but exciting nonetheless. We didn’t know what to expect at all.

Just look at their rules, discreet phone usage, no ball caps, do not disturb other patrons, have patience…

These are rules you rarely find at other bars and if so, they are rarely enforced.

The menu has an array of craft cocktails that do take some time for the Apothecarians to make so patience is certainly required. In all honesty, for how crowded Dockum was in our visit the wait for drinks wasn’t long at all. One thing that should be noted is many of the craft cocktails are a bit more costly than some people may be used to paying. The range was $10-15 for drinks. This is NOT a place where you go and have 8-10 drinks and call it a night.

For us, this was a great place to have some sippers, sit down and hang out like the days before the age of cell phones. The music playlist was a mix of old swing music that was just loud enough to catch your attention but not interrupt your conversations. Looking around, everybody was dressed dresses, jeans, business casual, suits, and other formal to semi-formal attire. No tables bothered other tables. Everyone acted mature and it made for a great time.

Each table had a reserved sign on it but do not let that hinder you from sitting there.

Inside the bar, it’s all dimly lit with candles placed at every table thus the reason for no flash photography.

Their snacks are limited to mostly meat/cheese trays and nuts. If you get extremely hungry, Siena Steakhouse is just a staircase away.

Our first visit was a fun and relaxing time; somewhere we would definitely go again.

I’m pretty sure Kool-Aid Man had been here before as well……

Who else would cause damage to the walls?

Check out Dockum Apothecary sometime when you have a chance. You’ll enjoy it.

Happy Dining,

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