First Look at Piatto Neapolitan Pizzeria

One of the coolest parts about restaurant blogging is everything you learn about food. I have learned so much in my time and learned a lot more Tuesday night. What I learned about was Neapolitan pizza which is different than anything that can be found in Wichita.

It’s time to introduce Piatto Neapolitan Pizzeria to the city of Wichita.

My friends and I were fortunate to stop in before they open and try a bulk of their menu. They are officially set to open Wednesday, November 9th.

1706 E Douglas
Wichita, KS 67214

Open Tuesday – Thursday 5pm – 9pm
Friday – Saturday 5pm – 10pm
Sunday Noon – 6pm
Closed on Monday

Website – Menu available online

Cash/Card Accepted


Inside the restaurant is very elegant. There were 12 two-tops, 2 four-tops and six stools where you can watch the pizza being made.


There are actual rules to what can be considered a Neapolitan Pizza a lot of that is in regards to the dough. The dough can only be made with certain ingredients and prepared a certain way. There really is nothing like it in Wichita so when comparing Piatto to other places in town, it’s not comparing apples to apples.

Inside Piatto Neaopolitan Pizzeria is an authentic wood-burning oven that was made in Naples and shipped here to Wichita. The oven cooks the pizza in temperatures around 900 degrees (F) and takes roughly 60-90 seconds per pizza. (Take that Pie Five Pizza!).

Besides the big beautiful oven on display for everyone to see, one of the first things that will catch your eye is their menu. I’m not kidding. When you sit down, you’ll notice a wooden menu is placed at the table. How often do you see wooden menus? Very nice touch by Piatto!

At the moment, they do not have their liquor license but will soon. When they do, they’ll be serving wines from Italy and California. They will also have Kansas craft beers from your local favorites like Hopping Gnome and Central Standard Brewery among others. One of the owners told us that it’ll be only beers from Kansas.

In the meantime, we stuck with water. It was delicious and refreshing; something I’d definitely try again in the near future and highly recommend to the general public.

Next up, there were five of us and we didn’t know exactly what to order. I think my friends after all this time have figured out I prefer everybody to order a little something different instead of the exact same stuff. We went with seven different pizzas.

  • Napoli (Salami Americano, oregano, fresh mozzarella, olio)
  • Diavola (Spicy borsellino salami, fresh mozzarella, garlic, smoked sea salt, olio)
  • ‘Nduja (‘Nduja, fresh mozzarella, fresh basil, olio,)
  • Magherita (Fresh mozzarella, fresh basil, olio)
  • Rucola (Speck Americano, arugula, grape tomatoes, fresh mozzarella, parmigiano reggiano, olio)
  • La Dona (Spicy borsellino salami, olives, red onion, parmigiano reggiano, fresh mozzarella, olio)
  • Manzoni (Berkshire prosciutto, lemon zest, fresh mozzarella, olio)
Here are the glorious pictures of the pizza. My mind was more set on eating pizza than note taking so I hope I got each pizza with the right name down.


La Dona






We certainly ate like Kings this evening. Well since it’s Naples, I should say we ate like Presidents that day because that’s what Italy has. The pizzas run 13 inches so ordering seven different ones made for a big task for us diners.
One thing we learned about Neapolitan Pizza is it’s all about the dough and it definitely made the pizza top notch. The dough was very airy yet had a chewiness about it; very light but with much substance to it. There was a perfect amount of char to the crust as well. It was doughy but not so much that it felt like it was under-cooked. It was almost indescribable how good the dough was.
We ordered pizzas from their red sauce side and white sauce side and while both were good, the Rossa (Red) sauce was our favorite. One friend said it was so light going down and it was also refreshing. Their red tomato sauce was indeed very light and not so heavy like what you find at a Pizza Hut.
The toppings was like eating from a very expensive plate of charcuterie. The spiciness of the meats really blended well with the sweetness of the marinara; it made for a perfect combination like friends and not talking politics with them.
The entire group all had a pizza they loved. For us, our favorites were the Rucola, Diavola, ‘Nduja and La Dona but to be honest there really weren’t any we hated or wouldn’t order ever again.
We ended our meal with the Saltimbocca Con Nutella. I don’t speak Italian so my personal translation was “Friggin Darn Good Dessert and Nuteralla”. It was basically their pizza dough cooked with Nutella inside. When our server was explaining to us I wanted to pull a Dorothy Boyd and say, “Shut up…. shut up…. you had me at Nutella….. you had me at Nutella.” But since our server wasn’t Jerry Maguire, I kept my mouth shut and waited to order it.

The dessert is certainly rich so that aforementioned water earlier? Savior!

For not being officially open yet, their servers did an incredible job of staying on top of everything. It was one of the smoothest pre-opening events I have ever attended.

Everyone left full (thanks to seven pizzas and dessert) and extremely happy. When the doors open on November 9th, there are going to be many excited foodies in Wichita welcoming a new restaurant. In a city where we already have great options like Picasso’s, Ziggy’s, Il Vicino, there is room for another. Piatto Neapolitan Pizzeria has brought something new and refreshing to separate themselves from the competition and give Wichitans more options to choose from.
Kudos to Piatto. We wish them the best of luck.
If you’d like to see a small video of the inside of Piatto, check out our instagram page.

Happy Dining,

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