Food Truck: Charlie’s Pizza Taco Review (CLOSED)

One food truck you may have heard of, Charlie’s Pizza Taco, has been around the city for quite a while. They can often be found at most major food truck events or at either of the Food Truck areas.

When they made an appearance at the Wichita State Food Truck Plaza, my colleagues and I decided it would make for a good lunch option so we made our way out.


Quick Scoop:
Location: Varies

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They call themselves the Home of the Original PizzaTaco so it made sense for at least one of us to order one (we actually went with two). Both guys went with a large PizzaTaco and I had the PizzaBurger.  For same measure, we also ordered a single Bierock. You know….. just in case we were still hungry afterwards.

They also have their PizzaTacos and Bierocks available for Take and Bake (see menu above).

It took around 10 minutes from the time of ordering our food to time of pickup.


Let’s start off with the PizzaBurger. Oh my. The picture doesn’t do it justice but this thing was massive and filling. It was like eating a supreme pizza in a burger thus why it was called PizzaBurger. It was loaded with pepperoni, beef, sausage, black olives, mushrooms and mozzarella; all held together by a delicious pretzel bun. It was served with chips but I was so focused on the burger that I didn’t even remember the chips. While I’m not usually a big fan of pretzel buns, Charlie’s was pretty delicious. Big win for lunch on my end.

The PizzaTaco’s on the other hand had mixed reviews. One colleague noted he loved it and that the large was just too much for him. While another felt it was pretty bland and wasn’t much going on with it; followed by it was dry. That’s actually the experience I’ve had with others who have had their PizzaTaco’s. Some people love it and some people are not fans.

And for safe measure of course, the Bierock was well received. It was perfectly cooked and seasoned with the right ratio of cabbage to meat. Lots of flavor going on and just an overall good Bierock.

Overall the PizzaBurger was the best part of the lunch. It definitely drew the most oohs and ahhs from the group. The PizzaTaco is certainly a mix of opinions. I’m sure if you’ve gone before that may be the same feeling in your group.

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