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In an effort to help more local startups, I came across one by the name of Good Eat Street. It was by happenstance that I saw their jams while browsing around Instagram. Funky Monkey Munchies had a little blip about them and it turned into this newest blog on Good Eat Street.

The Packaging

I did some research on them thanks to their slew of social media pages like their Facebook page.

Starting this year, they began to make their own jams. Thanks to the help of YouTube, they were able to really refine and fine tune their processes. Friends and family really loved their product and at their suggestion, they started to sell it on a smaller scale.

Good Eat Street has an eventual plan to start up a food truck so this jam venture is just the beginning of things for them.

I met up with the owners of Good Eat Street to purchase all the flavors of the jams they had in stock. Those flavors were Peach Pie, Blackberry, Mixed Berries, Strawberry and  Raspberry Jalapeno. The jars run $3.50 per 4 ounce jar.

For those inquiring, their jam is all homemade; no preservatives. For instance, they use such ingredients as organic blackberries, fresh lemon juice, you name it.

I had a little barbecue at a friends house later that day I purchased them and figured it’d be the perfect chance to get some input from others on just how good this jam was. Anything left over, I took in to work the following day for even more opinions.

We sampled them with biscuits, crackers, bread, straight off the soon, everything. There were definitely a lot of ooh’s and ahh’s in the crowd of friends and coworkers on the two days we sampled it all.

Two of the biggest crowd-pleasers were the Peach Pie and Raspberry Jalapeno. In talking with the owners from Good Eat Street, they were very excited for it as it was their newest product they had.

The Raspberry Jalapeno had a nice spicy kick to it while still preserving that sweetness. A handful of people said it’d be great mixed in with some cream cheese.

The Peach Pie tasted exactly like Peach Pie; almost like a dessert in a jar.

One coworkers who is really big into healthy foods was very excited by it all and said she will definitely be ordering some jars in the near future.

Not a single flavor was disliked by the group but as with any sampling of multiple items, there were some clear cut favorites as mentioned earlier.

This is one product we can all give a big thumbs up to. We look forward to their upcoming food truck in the future. If you’re looking to order, they currently accept orders through their social media outlets as seen below and they do deliver.

As always, Happy Dining!

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