Fetch Neighbor: Wichita’s delivery service with no boundaries

Fetch Neighbor now in Wichita!

Delivery services have come and gone in Wichita but one company is hoping they have what it takes to be a mainstay in the city.

Our latest review covers Fetch Neighbor; a service that delivers what you want on demand.

Fetch Neighbor is relatively new to Wichita and a service that is locally owned in Wichita and not franchised from a national company.

Quick Scoop:

Monday – Friday: 9am – 12am
Saturday and Sunday: 11am – 12am


Only form of payment accepted is card (no cash)


I recently heard of Fetch Neighbor and have always been a bit skeptical of using a service like that. Would it be worth the money? Am I too lazy to go get what I needed myself? These are questions I’ve asked each time a new delivery service would open up in town.

It was time to stop asking the questions.

Before we go into my experiences with Fetch Neighbor, let’s go over how the concept works.

At Fetch Neighbor, you pay a flat delivery fee of $3.99 for any place within 2 miles from your location. If it’s further away, it is 90 cents for every additional mile. This courier/delivery service will go to restaurants, pick up laundry, grab groceries, you name it. Fetch Neighbor will also tack on an additional 2.34% convenience fee to your order total. That is nothing to be overly concerned about as it isn’t much in the grand scheme of things.

There are some extra charges to be aware of though.

  • Your max total for a restaurant can only be $70 before you get an additional $7.49.
  • For groceries, your first 10 items are covered within your $7.49 delivery fee. Every 10 items after that will cost $2 extra.
  • The same applies for other types of deliveries like dry cleaning for instance.
  • Everything you order must be able to fit inside a sedan.
  • No alcohol or tobacco can be delivered.
When you figure out what you want ordered, you go to their website, http://fetchneighbor.com/. Once you’re there, fill out your contact information, the name of the store/restaurant, what you want, any additional comments and you’re essentially all set. You pay for everything when it’s delivered.
For my test run of Fetch Neighbor, my colleagues and I decided to place an order at one of my favorite restaurants, Yokohama Ramen Joint. At 8 am, I asked for their Spicy Fried Rice, Yokohama Style Ramen, Miso Ramen and Spicy Miso Ramen in my order. In the notes, I asked for it to arrive before noon. Upon submitting my request, I received an e-mail confirmation within minutes.
By 11:45 am, the driver was waiting outside with our food. He had our order stored in one of their  bags similar to what you see pizza delivery people keep pizza in but much larger.
Our driver was very courteous and friendly in the very brief time we interacted. All I had to do was give him my card to swipe for the charges, handed him a tip, and we were off.



The food was still warm and of course delicious.
Was using the service worth it for us? Absolutely.
Driving to Yokohama Ramen Joint would have taken us roughly 30-40 minutes there and back. There was also the unknown factor of how long we may have had to wait for a table. The time we saved in productivity definitely made up for it.

This type of service is definitely something we could see ourselves using again in the future. If there’s 5 or 6 of us craving food from somewhere that may be a bit out of the way, we could easily split the delivery fee and it’d be a couple dollars for the convenience and time saved per person. Something, I wouldn’t even blink an eye at for the time saved.

If this was just for myself, it probably wouldn’t be worth it at that price; so much better for groups of people.

One co-worker mentioned she could see herself using this when she has a home full of sick kids and can’t make it out to go get either some much needed groceries or even food.
Everybody’s use case would obviously be a bit different from one another but from our experiences with Fetch Neighbor, we were very pleasantly surprised with it.

From what I was able to find out, they are in the works of getting an app made to work with their service along with more features like real time tracking and actual menus on their site. Be sure to check out their Facebook page for discounts they post.

In the meantime, it’s very likely we will be using this again. Famous #8 at the Artichoke delivered anyone?

Happy Dining,

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