Restaurant Week: Eat, Drink & Give Back!

What’s better than eating out at a restaurant?

Eating at a restaurant and having a portion of your meal price go to charity.

What’s better than eating at a restaurant and having a portion of your meal price go to charity?

Eating great food at a restaurant and having a portion of your meal go to charity! Duh….

I was standing on one leg when taking this picture so it’s off.
Photography fail.

Introducing Restaurant Week which kicks off January 20th and runs through January 29th!

For those of you who have never heard of Restaurant Week, let me quickly explain what it is. Restaurant Week provides a unique opportunity for diners to eat off of a set menu at prices of $15 and $30. Ten percent of those sales will then be donated to the Boys and Girls Club of South Central Kansas.

This year, 32 restaurants are participating. A full list of the restaurants can be found at

At $15, most of the menus you’ll find include an appetizer along with an entree. For $30, you’re getting an appetizer or salad, an entree and dessert. In some cases, you’ll get both a salad and appetizer. It’s quite a deal you’re getting when you look at the actual value of some of those menu items.

Restaurant Week is very popular in many bigger cities. It’s relatively new to Wichita but has been gaining popularity recently. This is one of the best ways to try out new restaurants or even some of your favorites at a great price.

Of the 32 restaurants, there are three I haven’t been to and plan on doing so when Restaurant Week starts later this week.

Looking beyond the food, my absolute favorite part is that it’s charitable. The Boys and Girls Clubs of South Central Kansas serve around 1,100 young people within our community. They provide young people 6-18 years old with guidance-oriented character development programs.

I had the opportunity to meet one of the young men tonight. One of them at the age of seven, mows yards for other families who need it. Last summer he mowed over 100 yards. During the offseason, he makes peanut butter sandwiches and hand delivers them to people in need downtown that he sees. Hearing his story about brought me to tears. I ended up giving him twenty dollars to buy bread and peanut butter and asked to be there the next time he hands out food. He promised to let me know the next time he’s out so I can tag along. That’s what has become of my life……… begging a seven year old kid to tag along one his excursions downtown. When I talk to him next, he may have to be an upcoming interview for the blog.

Back to Restaurant Week though, definitely check them out. As I stated earlier, there are a whopping 32 restaurants. Some of my favorites on there include Bella Vita, The Kitchen, Firebirds Wood Grille, Georges French Bistro, Cafe Bel Ami, Wings and Things, District Taqueria, Delano BBQ and so many more!

As if I needed another rason to eat out, Restaurant Week went out and gave me another one. Check it out yourself.

If you’re on social media, post a selfie with the Wichita Restaurant Week menu or take a foodie photo with your Wichita Restaurant Week meal. Use the hashtag #ICTDINING and Restaurant Week along with Visit Wichita will award 25 lucky winners a $25 gift certificate.

If you use the hashtag #WichitaByEB, I’ll also be awarding a gift card to one of the new local breweries around town.

Check out over the next week as I’ll be trying some of these restaurants and posting my findings.


Places listed from the Wichita Restaurant Week Website:


Happy Dining!

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