To Chau Restaurant: Pho Review

While it’s not exactly the coldest of times in Wichita at moment, I never need a reason to eat some Pho; one of my favorite items in town. So let’s kick off the latest review with some delicious Pho from To Chau Restaurant,

Quick Scoop:
4875 E Pawnee St
Wichita, KS 67218

Monday – 10am – 8pm
Closed Tuesday
Wednesday & Thursday – 10am – 8:30pm
Friday & Saturday – 10am – 9pm
Sunday – 10am – 8pm

Menu pictures to be posted at the end of this review

Cash/Card Accepted

To Chau Restaurant is a located at Pawnee and Oliver. They have a vast menu that covers many Asian dishes with a big emphasis on Vietnamese entrees.

Of course, I stuck with my basics because it’s my endless goal to try every single restaurant in Wichita that serves Pho.

In a quick stop, I went with bowl of Pho and two spring rolls (on their menu they called them summer rolls). What’s different from this order is I went with your basic Pho bowl without all the tripe, tendon and any other mysterious meats that I love ordering.


The Spring Rolls were large enough that I questioned whether I should have eaten both before the main entree. After much thought, I had to give my stomach some tough love and tell him to figure out how to find some room for all the food it was about to endure. The rolls were stuffed and filled with nice big chunks of shrimp. Admittedly, I could have left after the Spring Rolls; I was already getting full.

But my mother raised me to never waste Pho so my stomach manned up and gave it a go.

The Pho broth was on the light side but nothing some Hoison sauce and Sriracha couldn’t help. Like many other small locally owned Vietnamese restaurants, the portion size was large with plenty of meat inside the bowl. Overall, it was a filling and delicious bowl.

The quality of all the food was better than expected for me. I was going into the place a little apprehensive but left very happy and would surely go again. I know many people have their favorite places for Pho in town but it never hurts to branch out and try some different places to see how it all compares.

Service here was excellent; so many friendly people. I just loved the family atmosphere there. It’s places like To Chau that make me love this hobby of writing about restaurants.

Happy Dining!







Happy Dining,

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