Wichita By E.B. Foodie Bucket List: 51 places to try in town

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At the beginning of the year everybody is always wanting to make a New Year’s resolution to better themselves. I get it, it makes sense. Tell yourself you’re going to do something to make you a BETTER YOU, hang on to that resolution for a couple months. When March comes around, it’s back to your regular routine that you’ve come to grow and love with the resolution tossed out the window.

I’m the same way and then March Madness comes and ruins it.

Let me suggest a different resolution for you to not support yourself but to support your city.

Over the course of the next year, try to knock out the list of 51 items on the Wichita By E.B. Foodie Bucket List.

Before the haters come raging in on the list, let me preface all of this by saying it’s all my personal opinion. This is what I would recommend to my own family and friends. I’m certainly not the end all be all when it comes to restaurants in town. You can leave that up to people who are paid to write about restaurants. My ten cents a month in Google Ad-sense hardly makes me as an expert.

With that disclaimer out of the way, I’ve put together a little checklist of 51 restaurants/bars that are for the most part all local; some are there for nostalgic sake and some are there because they are just awesome. A huge majority of the restaurants only have one location so it will take some traveling around town to complete it.

Some notes on the list:

  • I really did try to keep everything all local
  • I tried every single thing on the list
  • I tried to incorporate many different styles of food
  • There were so many restaurants I loved that unfortunately had to be cut to keep this list “somewhat short”. Some people have to cut friends on their wedding invitation list. I have to cut restaurants from my bucket list. The struggle is real.

Without further adieu, here’s the Wichita By E.B. Foodie Bucket List along with some mini-tours. There’s also a downloadable PDF you can use to slowly cross off each item as you go along.

Download the PDF Checklist version


Individual Restaurants

  • Seek out the Famous #8 at the Artichoke
  • Eat at the ICT Pop-Up Urban Park
  • Order the DeFazio’s House Salad
  • Try some Salvadoran food at Usuluteco
  • Get the Kim Chee Salad at Manna Wok
  • Grab a Gordita at Gorditas Durango
  • Finish a Cazuela at Felipe’s
  • Try the Invader Roll at Kanai Sushi
  • Have a date night at Bella Vita
  • Order the special at Fried Rice
  • Dip in on some hummus at Bella Luna
  • Knock out some BBQ at Pig In Pig Out
  • Feast on Peruvian food at Gabby’s Carryout
  • Try a real Banh Mi at Kimlan Sandwiches
  • Treat yourself to Picasso’s Pizzeria
  • Get yourself a Meat Pie at M.I.F. Deli
  • Enjoy some lunch at Japan Express
  • Sample a flight of soup at Tanya’s Soup Kitchen
  • Stop by the original Nu Way on West Douglas
  • Order a Soda or Shake from Old Mill Tasty Shop
  • Have a drink on Central Standard Brewery‘s patio
  • Watch your ice cream get made at Churn and Burn
  • Treat yourself to tacos at District Taqueria
  • Spend an evening at The Public with food and music
  • Try some French food at George’s French Bistro
  • Grab a bowl of Ramen at Yokohama Ramen Joint
  • Order the Fruit Ice Cream at Paleteria La Reyna
  • Gorge yourself at the B&C Barbeque buffet
  • Load up on snacks galore at the Nifty Nuthouse
  • Tamale it up at Monica’s Homemade Mexican Food Truck
  • Take a nap after trying the Sweet Basil lunch buffet
  • Have a taste of Louisiana at Da Cajun Shak
  • Experience Ah-So Oriental Restaurant
  • Find the Noble House Hawaiian Plate Lunch food truck

Mini Tours

Complete the 11th and Bitting Tour
  • Chiquita’s Corner
  • Songbird Juice Co.
Complete the Mini-Pho Tour
  • Pho Hien
  • My Tho
Complete the Clifton Square Tour
  • Ziggy’s Pizza
  • Dempsey’s Burger Pub
Wichita Breakfast Tour
  • Doo Dah Diner
  • The Beacon
Complete the Wichita Burger Tour
  • Bomber Burger
  • Ty’s Diner
  • TJ’s Burger House
  • Bill’s Charcoal Grill
Complete the Thai Tour
  • Thai Tradition
  • Thai House
  • Chiang Mai Thai Restaurant
Complete the Mini-Indian Tour
  • Kabab’s Buffet
  • Zaytun | Mediterranean & IndoPak Bistro

Download the PDF Checklist of this List


That’s 51 different places to try in town. This list took me a good few months to put together. Sometimes I would add a restaurant and next thing I know….. they were closed.
Enjoy it. Support our city. Stuff yourself…….with good food and drink.
and as always…. Happy Dining!

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