A First Look at Dempsey’s Biscuit Co.

The newest restaurant to hit the Wichita streets has officially opened as of Wednesday, February 8th. It took everything in me to wait one more day to check it out with friends but we finally did it.

Ladies and gentlemen, bored people on the internet browsing around, friends I force and pay with friendship to read this blog and fellow Wichitans, it’s time to talk Dempsey’s Biscuit Co.

3425 E. Douglas
Wichita, KS 67218

Monday – Friday – 11am – 10pm
Saturday and Sunday – 9am – 2pm (brunch) 3pm – 10pm (dinner)

Facebook – Menu available online

Cash/Card Accepted


Dempsey’s Biscuit Co. is located in the former Fork and Fennel location. It’s been home to other restaurants and now hopes to break the streak of failing eateries. The restaurant may sound familiar because it is familiar. The owners also own Dempsey’s Burger Pub in Clifton Square just a hop, skip and jump over on the other side of Douglas.

This new spin-off serves a favorite menu item of mine that was sold once a month at Dempsey’s Burger Pub, their Nashville Hot Chicken! The moment I heard about this new restaurant I put it on my calendar and was ready to get in line to try it again.

The inside is pretty limited in seating with only 14 tables but with additional seating outside when it gets warmer. There’s also an area to the east of the building that looks like it could be expanded for an even bigger patio.

I was joined by five friends on that afternoon and everything on the menu looked glorious. From their biscuit sandwiches to the chicken to the waffles; it was hard to decide what to order. Then after that, you had to choose the spiciness level of the chicken. The options were hot, hot hot or reaper.

Since it was our first time there we had to make sure we got a good sampling of the menu. Here’s what we ordered:

Hillside Sandwich (Fried chicken, house made pickles, coleslaw)
Douglas Sandwich (Fried chicken, pimento cheese, fried egg)
Belmont Sandwich (Fried chicken, bacon, extra sharp cheddar, house made pickles, fried egg, covered in house made sausage gravy)
Clifton Sandwich (Fried chicken, bacon, covered in our house made sausage gravy)
Central Sandwich (Bacon, Egg, lettuce, tomato, and house made aioli.)
The Light Hot Chicken (Breast and a wing)
The Combo Bird (Breast, thigh, leg)
Chicken and Waffles
Pea Salad

No expenses were spared. We ordered as much as we could; it’s a good thing they had take out containers.

For the chicken, a majority of the people all ordered theirs hot, while I had an order of hot hot and reaper.

Pea Salad
The Combo Bird (Hot Chicken)
Chicken and Waffles
The Light (Hot Chicken)

It was a lot of food. Some people may worry about the price but it really does fill you up and (spoiler alert), it’s all delicious. Everyone who joined me loved their food.

The biscuit sandwiches were all a hit. One friend’s favorite part of the entire meal was the actual biscuit. If you love biscuits, you will love the sandwiches. And if you love biscuits and gravy, this is certainly the place for you.

One glaring misconception some people may have is how hot their hot chicken actually is. As mentioned earlier, there are three levels: hot, hot hot, and reaper. Their hot is advertised as hot and spicy. There wasn’t a single person in the group who felt the hot had any spice to it; very mild according to our taste buds. The hot hot is advertised as “feel the burn”. To some people they may but for those people who love spicy foods like myself, it won’t burn. I actually found the hot hot to be the most flavorful. Then there’s the reaper which is described as “for those who ain’t got no soul”. I liked it which finally confirms every thing most ex-girlfriend have said about me. It’s got a lot of heat and can definitely burn after but goes away quickly.

Everyone besides myself ordered hot and plan to step up to the next level of hot hot on their next visit.

The Chicken and Waffles was another hit. My buddy said if the chicken doesn’t fill you up the waffles certainly will. The syrup and additional hot sauce really added that extra touch to the meal for him.

I should also note that if you want additional sauces, Dempseys has bottles of hot sauce and honey available.

If you head to their website, they have a Sunday Brunch that runs from 9am – 2pm which is already on my list to try soon.

I had great vibes on Dempsey’s Biscuit Co. and can see myself adding it to one frequent stops since I’m always in the area. It’s a very comfortable setting and can get even better once the weather cooperates and the patio fits the temperature.

The service and people there were excellent as well. You order your food at the counter and they bring it out to you. Even though they give you a cup to get your own drinks, they still had someone going around refilling waters and cleaning up tables.

Also they do have a fully stocked bar and many beers on hand.

How bow dah!

It’s been great to see 2017 kick off to a great start with this new restaurant in town. I’m so excited to see what’s next.

Happy Dining,

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2 thoughts on “A First Look at Dempsey’s Biscuit Co.”

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  2. What bothers me about this review is not the fact that you obviously had good food there, good for them, but the fact that no one seems to have done their research when looking into this concept. And this is by no means a bash on you, its everyone who has looked into this place. What bothers me about this place is that I’m a chef and these guys have completely ripped off another concept that has been around far longer and does it way better. I can’t respect that. Denver Biscuit Company did this first. And I’m not just talking about biscuit sandwiches. Dempseys has not only ripped off their design, menu and how they name their sandwiches (after streets in their town), but theyve used almost identical ingredients to make their sandwiches. Just take a look at DBC and it’ll all make sense. I can’t respect it at all. Come up with your own ideas, concept and recipes. Such a cardinal sin with in the chef community. They could at least throw some credit their way.

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