Los Pinos Mexican Restaurant Review

Are you sick of restaurant reviews featuring tacos? I hope not because here’s another one for you. It’s Los Pinos Mexican Restaurant.

1225 W Douglas
Wichita, KS 67203

Monday – Saturday – 11am – 9pm
Closed Sunday

Facebook – Menu pictures available at the end of the blog

Cash/Card Accepted


Los Pinos serves your typical Mexican fare of tacos, burritos, enchiladas along with some American staples like hamburgers. I went to Los Pinos strictly at the suggestion of my barber. He knows I’m a pretty adventurous eater and wanted my opinion on one item some people may not order. So I stopped by on a whim to give them a try.

That particular item was “Tacos de Tripitas” aka Tripe Tacos. Some people may not like tripe and understandably so; it’s the lining of the cow’s stomach. I’m pretty much used to it having it in my Pho so it wasn’t much of a challenge to try the tripe tacos.

For safe measure in case I didn’t like them, I also went with some pork and barbacoa tacos.

At $1.90 per taco, it was well worth the risk to see just how I liked them. I started off with the two safer options and they were splendid; very simple tacos with little garnishes, plenty of meat and all full of flavor.

Next up were the Tripe Tacos.

The tripe I’m used to in Pho isn’t fried so I was expecting something different when the tacos came out. At Los Pinos, the tripe is fried so that actually may be a more appealing option to some trying tripe for their first time.

I took a look, took a whiff and was ready to go all in.

After the first few bites, I was pleasantly surprised with how good they were. For it being cow lining, it was pretty darn good. There was a nice crunch to it and you could definitely tell it wasn’t your typical meat offering but it still tasted just fine to me.

Would they be something I order again? Certainly. I would have ordered more on my visit had I not been so full with all my other tacos.

….oh yeah and the chips and salsa that was provided.


Both hot and mild salsas were excellent. The hot packed quite a bit of heat so it wasn’t the type of salsa I could take a huge chip full. I had to do it moderately to keep my mouth from catching fire.

On my quick visit to try the Tacos de Tripitas, the service was wonderful. Every table was taken and customers were waiting. They had only one server but she did a magnificent job of tending to everybody’s needs. I could tell there were a lot of regulars because the main cook, who I believe was the owner, came out to say hi to multiple people.

Add this place to your list of mom and pop shops to stop by if you’re looking to get your taco fill in. Go ahead and try the tripe tacos. If those worry you, all of their other tacos are equally as excellent, if not better.

Happy Dining,

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