The Cozy Inn: Salina’s Tiny Little Burger Joint

Since the 1920’s, there’s been a tiny burger joint that has been serving little sliders to people all over the world. It’s crazy to think they’ve been around for nearly a century now. For all the times I’ve driven through Salina, KS, it has never dawned on me to stop by.

All that changed the other night, when we finally made it a point to head into the heart of Salina for…..

………..The Cozy Inn!!!!!!

107 N 7th St., Salina, KS 67401

Monday – Saturday – 10am – 9pm
Sunday – 11am – 8pm

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Cash/Card Accepted

While I was trying 30 different burger places in Wichita, multiple people reached out to me regarding The Cozy Inn. When I say multiple people, it was probably like two but let’s not take away from a great story.

The Cozy Inn is considered one of those places that everybody should try at least once. The hype was there but was the food equal to it? My friends and I were about to find out.

We arrived 35 minutes before closing. There was a nice bright neon sign hanging high, three benches outside for diners and even a walk-thru so people could stop by and place their orders. Oh, not just one walk thru but two. One at the front of the building and another at the side.

We wanted the full Cozy Inn experience so we went inside and found a counter along with six stools for people to dine at.

Even though they were ready to close, the two ladies working that evening were incredibly welcoming to us. They found out we were just passing through town and were happy to hear it was our first time there.

The menu is very simple. It’s just sliders and bags of chips. The sliders are similar to what you would find at a White Castle. In fact, the original owner got the concept from White Castle and opened The Cozy Inn a year after White Castle opened in Wichita. The biggest difference is the Cozy Inn stayed in Salina while White Castle ditched Wichita.

The slider/Cozy Burger is $1.14 a piece. You can get a value meal of 6 burgers which includes a drink and chips for $8.27 or the 4 burger option for $6.44. We all went with the 6 burger option.

All their burgers are cooked with just onions.

We were told sometimes people will bring in their own cheese.

A big part othe Cozy Inn is the grill they use. Their grill is decades and decades and decades old; that’s the secret to what makes their burgers taste so good. There are some Cozy Inn’s in Manhattan for instance but Cozy Inn fans swear the older grill in Salina makes all the difference in the world.

It didn’t take long for our Cozy Burgers to arrive then that silence started where people are too busy eating.


Everybody ended up having six Cozy Burgers. We found that four burgers was the number where you felt satisfied. Five was the amount you could be full and six was the number where you thought to yourself, “I can’t finish this but I don’t want to waste food.”

The burgers were awesome. Full disclosure, I love little sliders and am a big big big big big big big big big big big big big big big fan of White Castle. I was happy to hear my friends liked it as well because they actually aren’t fans of White Castle.

The burgers were so simple yet delightful. It really made my day that we were able to stop by The Cozy Inn. It’s great to have friends who are so willing to give in to my time-wasting and unhealthy food ventures. I could only imagine how much worse it would be if I was pregnant; glad that’s humanly impossible.

On our way out, we had to double check to make sure a pin was placed on Wichita.

There was one major drawback to The Cozy Inn. When we left, our clothes reaked of onions and meat. When we arrived in Wichita, the car reaked of onions and meat. When I got to work this morning, I’m pretty sure I still smelled like onions and meat. Outside of that, the staff there was incredible. Food was great; all around a great foodie adventure.

Happy Dining,

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2 thoughts on “The Cozy Inn: Salina’s Tiny Little Burger Joint”

  1. The long-lasting, reaking, telling smell in your clothes, coats, car seats, and hair are why the walk-up windows and eating outside are so popular. If you must transport a bag of them, place them in your trunk. They are delicious and affordable little gems.

  2. LOL, in Salina it is often the question, does someone reek of B-O or did someone go inside of Cozy In? Most loyal Salina people know better than to ever step foot inside of there. Very glad that you got to experience their amazing sliders!

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