Wichita’s newest watering hole: Wheat State Distilling

There’s a new classy little bar downtown that is more than just a bar. It’s a distillery, a cocktail bar, it’s attached to a huge event venue, and it’s ten times safer than it’s previous predecessor at that location.
Of course you know by the article title, it’s Wheat State Distilling which is the former Doc Howard’s location.
246 N Mosley
Wichita, KS 67202

Monday – Thursday: 4pm – 12am
Friday – Saturday: 2pm – 1am


Cash/Card Accepted


There’s a huge venue attached that holds over 500+ people. All of that information can be found on their webpage, Distillery 244 Old Town. But for my Saturday afternoon, my friends and I strictly focused our time at the bar called Wheat State Distilling. You’ll want to make sure you get that down. Even I was confused and thought they were the same thing as did my friends.

Inside the place is beautiful. They did a fantastic job of remodeling the place.

This place may sound familiar because it is. There’s a Wheat State Distilling at 37th and Hydraulic so many of their fine liquors are featured on their cocktail menu. From their bourbon to their gin to their spiced rum to their vodka, there’s really something there for everyone. They will also provide tastings to those who are unsure as to what they’d like.

They even have a small patio which we found to be fantastic given the weather Mother Nature has blessed Wichita with recently.

While they don’t serve food, they did provide every table with a spicy nut mix to snack on.

As for the service, it was a little on the slower side the afternoon we went from ordering our drinks to retrieving our drinks to tabbing out. We stopped by when they first opened and it wasn’t busy so we weren’t sure to what may have caused the slowness. Outside of that, the staff was very friendly and informative on throwing suggestions at us.

It was something we were able to overlook and would certainly go again in the future given our fondness of alcohol…….in moderation of course.

If you are wanting to support the Drink Local movement, this is your spot. I’m a fan, I have a couple different Wheat State bottles at home and can vouch it makes for a wonderful cocktail after a long day.

Here’s their cocktail menu for that particular day:

Happy Dining,

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